Keto BHB Pills Selling Like Hot-Cake: Keto Charge Vs Keto Trim Vs Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones

Are you struggling to lose weight? Does the lost weight quickly relapse? Does a weight loss supplement confuse you? Well, losing fat is a tricky game. If handled prudently, you can achieve fascinating transformation, but results will be sloppy and unsatisfactory if messed up! Thus, by using scientifically proven methods one can yield long-lasting changes that are healthy, side effects free, and sustainable. In a desperate woe to losing weight, many go for unhealthy crash diets, chemical supplements, or even starve themselves but ultimately see very low or no changes at all. Weight loss doesn’t need to be this difficult. A little sagacious choice in diet and supplements can put you on the right track!

Now we must all be aware of the keto diet. The urban lingo for various weight loss programs has quite beautifully adapted in our knowledge palette, however not many are truly aware of the best way to embark on the keto path, so lose fat efficiently. Ketosis is a process where energy is harnessed through ketone bodies instead of glycolysis (sugar derived). Thus, if proper supplementation is entailed, you see quicker and more credible results with keto.

We have curated a list of the top 3 Keto BHB supplement options, that will not only help you lose the unruly daunting flabs, but also assume a ravishing transformation healthily. But before diving deep into that let us find out a little more about BHB keto supplementation.

What are Keto BHB pills?

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a compound that is produced by our body to ignite energy when there’s a paucity of sufficient carbohydrates in our diet. In other words, BHB is an energy harnessing chemical when blood sugar level dips to keep our body up and running. It does so by eating into the fat reserves in the body. BHB keto pills thus induce ketosis in the body which essentially metabolizes fat rapidly that results in weight loss.

It also shows positive changes in cognitive abilities by helping nerves and the brain to work better. BHB pills also can also fuel muscles in the body to improve exercise ability.

How good are Keto BHB capsules? And Does keto BHB pills really work?

BHB or Beta-hydroxybutyrate is not a foreign compound, and our body manufactures it as a coping mechanism to deal with the sugar crisis. This compound supplies energy by burning fat to manage the body’s operational activities, both voluntary and involuntary. Thus, your system is accustomed to BHB’s presence. Nonetheless, supplementation can stimulate greater calorie loss, leading to considerable weight loss, all of which is contributed by the shedding of visceral fat.

Yes, BHB keto pills are a definitive way to lose fat fast and in a healthy way. It doesn’t encourage any crash diets, fads, or synthetic chemicals. It steadily creates the ketosis phase in the body, ensuring energy to run the system is solely derived from excess fat stored. Thereby, you notice a drastic loss in flabs and cellulite. As a result, you look visibly more toned, all in a risk-free process.

What are some of the Best Keto Diet Pill Supporting Supplement Brands?

  • Keto Charge: A dietary supplement that makes it easy to get into stay in the keto phase for rapid fat loss.

  • Keto Trim: High strength ketogenic booster that sustains effective ketosis for weight loss.

  • Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones: Delectable flavored keto diet stimulant powder which supports accelerated calorie breakdown.
Keto Charge Vs Keto Trim Vs Instant Ketones Review by gohealthywestpiedmont

No. #1: What is Keto Charge?

Keto Charge Go Healthy West Piedmont Review

Keto Charge is a robust solution for weight loss that is safe, steady, sustainable and effective. It is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules that helps an incumbent keto diet taker kickstart the process and perpetuate the nexus of fat breakdown in the body. A ketogenic diet or simply keto diet is one of the most effective ways to burn excess fat reserves in the body that are usually stored in the form of subcutaneous adipose tissues. These stubborn fat deposition takes longer to melt, but when the body enters into ketosis, these fat reserves rapidly meltdown to provide energy.

This means you start losing fat rapidly with very little effort. No crash diets, no heavy lifting, and no starvation. Keto Charge is a booster that promotes this process and switches your body’s energy-yielding process from glycolysis to ketosis. Ketones are much more efficient to fuel the body’s various biochemical processes and are preferred by the brain too.

It works by supplying important salts that convert into electrolytes in the body that essentially charges your body without the help of sugars. Keto Charge obliterates the undesirable side effects of ketosis such as keto flu and foul breath. It naturally enhances the occurrence and sustenance of fat loss without causing brain fog or spiking sugar cravings. It is made from entirely natural ingredients which apart from helping you lose weight, promote restful sleep, elevate calmness, and uplift your temperament all day!

Keto Charge will exhibit results in just a few weeks with consistent intake. You will actively lose fat without muscle loss. Nevertheless, under any circumstances if you feel, the product hasn’t worked for you, there is an easy refund policy for 60 days. You can also avail of free delivery worldwide when you purchase the product online.


  • Made from natural and safe ingredients
  • Kick starts ketosis quickly
  • Helps you continue keto induced fat loss seamlessly
  • No side effects
  • Elimination of the chances of keto flu
  • No bad breath
  • Rapid fat loss
  • Maintains blood sugar balance
  • Better control on appetite
  • Promotes cognition and good sleep
  • No brain fogs
  • 60 days money-back assurance
  • Free Shipping.

How to Take Keto Charge?

A bottle of Keto Charge contains 60 capsules. Take 2 capsules daily with plain water for maximum benefits. Keep a low-carb diet along for faster results.

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What is Keto Trim?

Keto Trim Go Healthy West Piedmont Review

Keto Trim is a nutritional supplement developed to provide sufficient ketones to your system that induces ketosis for a superior fat loss and energy production rate. Usually, our body takes at least 10 days of a low-carb diet to enter into ketosis. Keto Trim shortens this incubation period and jumps start the process for prompt results. The science behind the formulation is BHB which promotes ketogenic weight loss. This is fast, simple, and efficient.

When you are on the Keto Trim course you will notice an instant change in your energy levels and endurance which helps you indulge in high-intensity exercise. Fat loss is triggered by the most stubborn areas of the body such as the waist, thighs, and hips. Your weight gradually drops without compromising on your muscle reserves. Users have validated having experienced concrete results in just 3-4 weeks without any side effects such as flu or lethargy.

Made from high-quality patented ingredients that are sourced from botanicals, the Keto Trim capsules switch your body instantly to metabolize stored fat for energy and facilitate rapid weight loss. It doesn’t require you to go through any extra effort such as fasting (which usually is the natural ketosis phase for the body) or very strenuous exercises. You notice body transformation within just a few weeks.

Since the product is chemical-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, manufactured at cGMP complied and FDA registered facilities, you don’t need to worry about the quality or require a prescription to start them.


  • High-quality natural BHB boosters
  • No side effects
  • Prescription free
  • Instantly starts ketosis
  • Rapid fat loss
  • Prevents breakdown of muscle
  • Elevated metabolism
  • Higher stamina and energy
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO.

How to Take Keto Trim?

You may take 2 capsules once to three times daily as per your discretion with a glass of water. Ensuring a disciplined diet plan and moderate workouts will yield solid results pretty much instantly from the commencement of the pills.

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What is Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones?

Dr.Colbert Instant Ketones Go Healthy West Piedmont Review

Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones is a unique product that is formulated for fast action and prompt results. When one ventures out to partake keto diet, usually the process takes a few days to kick in. Ketosis is not an instant process. It takes a considerable amount of time for the body to accustom to a carb-free ambiance and switch to fat-derived energy synthesis. This may take longer for few people depending on body type. Hence, Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones is a powdered formula that instantly sets ketosis rolling. It may sound unheard of, but it’s absolutely true and backed by science.

The supplement uses exogenous ketones (BHB) which swiftly triggers your body to enter into ketogenic metabolism thus supporting rapid fat loss without breaking down muscle mass. You don’t feel undesirable keto flu or fatigue.  The heightened metabolism produces a burst of energy that spikes your stamina.

As soon as the body is in the ketogenic phase, it will stay in the same stage to facilitate continuous energy production through fat loss. Additionally, the efficient appetite suppressants ensure to keep cravings at bay thus eliminating binge eating. You see fascinating body transformation on consistent usage. Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones is a pill-free formula that makes it a versatile product as you can consume it any way you want. It comes in delectable flavors which is sure to suit your taste palette.


  • Natural ketosis booster
  • Instantaneously ketosis commencement
  • Pill free powder formula
  • Tasty variants to experiment with
  • High metabolism
  • Prevents protein catabolism
  • Facilitates fat loss without muscle breakdown
  • Controls hunger
  • Cuts off binge eating
  • No keto flu
  • Better cognition
  • Free shipping on bulk orders (above the amount of $ 175).

How to Take Instant Ketones?

Take a scoop of Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones (approximately 12.6 g per serving), daily for best results.

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Common Ingredients in Keto Charge, Keto Trim, and Ketones Powder:

Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, and Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate are the ingredients found in the blend of all three keto support aids.

BHB is an exogenous ketone usually formed by the chemical combination of a salt with the BHB complex. These salts can be a derivative of Sodium, Magnesium, and Calcium. In all three products, it is the first primary source of ketones which boosts ketosis. This substance induces the ketogenic metabolism of fat reserves in the body for rapid weight loss. It harnesses the energy that fuels most functions without eating into protein reserves, that is, muscle tissues. Therefore, the body can acclimatize to non-sugar-derived energy (glycolysis).

BHB forms energy for ketosis and sustains the process in the body without causing sugar cravings. It aids in cognitive function and supports nerve and brain functions adequately. Among other benefits it is anti-inflammatory in nature, and also supports athletic performance.

Common ingredients in Keto Trim and Instant Ketones:

Calcium BHB: Calcium is an important element and electrolyte that has more functions beyond bone and muscle strength. It promotes a process called thermogenesis that increases metabolism in the body, an important role in calorie breakdown and fat burn. Calcium also forms the predecessor of BHB which as stated above is the primary source of exogenous ketone for a successive ketogenic breakdown of fat.

Unique Ingredients in Keto Trim:

Magnesium BHB: Magnesium is a metallic element that forms a BHB compound that induces and supports ketosis in the body. It triggers instant ketogenic benefits. Besides that, it is an excellent sugar regulator in the blood. This helps prevent cravings and insulin fluctuations. Additionally, magnesium lowers water retention and bloating, keeping you light and energetic.

Sodium BHB: Similar to magnesium, sodium is a salt that is an essential electrolyte that breaks down to form BHB. It maintains a proper balance of fluids in the body, controls blood pressure, and regulates the optimal functions of the nervous system. Furthermore, it also prevents the breakdown of muscle mass during weight loss.

Keto Trim Ingredients

Unique Ingredients in Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones:

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is extremely important to stabilize hormone levels in the body, a function that is vital for weight management. Besides, it maintains bone and muscle structure which ensures in the process of losing fat, you don’t end up losing muscle mass. Research has also shown that Vitamin D is beneficial for losing belly fat and supporting a positive mood.

Iron: Iron helps in the production of energy by transporting oxygen to the cell bodies. It has been revealed through studies that insufficient intake of iron can lead to inefficiency and lower stamina in individuals compared to the ones that have adequate iron in their diet. 

Potassium: Potassium’s function is associated with the regulation of fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals. Dietary deficiency may lead to boating, water retention, and the inability to lose weight. Additionally, this mineral helps in sustaining muscle mass and stamina during ketosis.

Dr Colbert Instant Ketones Ingredients

Which Keto BHB Pills Brand is the best?

While every product has its benefits, incubation time, and affordability, one may have their own preferences and requirements which may incline them towards one product from another. Thus, one should meticulously assess all the available options before proceeding with the course.

  • The first suitable BHB supplement in this glorious list is Keto Charge. It is a natural exogenous BHB capsule made from premium ingredients clinically tested for optimum efficacy. It is suitably formulated for people wanting to effectively lose weight irrespective of age or gender.

    Beta-hydroxybutyrate is an efficient ketone that helps in burning fat cells to derive energy. It helps in boosting metabolism and keeps you satiated for longer curbing unsolicited hunger pangs. It keeps your nervous system up and running without compromising on your mental cognizance, clarity of thoughts, or moods.

    Keto Charge is one of the best dietary nutrition as it doesn’t cause keto flu, a symptom that otherwise hits your body when you start ketosis unaided. Other side effects such as brain fog and bad breath are also avoided when KetoCharge is in action.

    Most importantly your body enters ketosis quite instantly and the weight reduction is pretty prompt.

    Being free from synthetic ingredients you don’t need a prescription for usage and you have an added money-back guarantee for 60 days to test out the product seamlessly. This is an unbeatable offer that most brands won’t have the heart to offer!
  • The next and the second choice for you is Keto Trim. Having BHB as its core ingredient it too has maximum potency and zero side effects. Keto Trim is manufactured at FDA-approved facilities in the USA which depicts its quality and standards.

    When you decide to start a keto diet plan, Keto Trim acts as a facilitator to support the body to sustain ketosis efficiently. It acclimatizes your system to run without carbohydrates for energy production and thus keeps cravings away.

    The supplement is scientifically created by experts using the best of ingredients and in optimum blends such that as soon as you start the course you feel instant benefits. Your body switches to ketosis right away, metabolism and stamina being elevated and you can see your fat practically melting away.

    Keto Trim is formulated keeping in mind various dietary preferences, which is why the brand has restricted the use of gluten, GMO, or any synthetic chemicals in the supplement, so the question of any reactions or allergy is eliminated right away. Two pills daily will suffice for maximum benefits.
  • Last but certainly not least, is Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones. It is a powdered formula that makes it unique from the other two but a tad bit more difficult to use as you have to mix the scoop of powder with water.

    It comes in many flavor options thus you can experiment with your taste buds. and Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones is composed of active BHB and appetite suppressants that firstly help to utilize fat for energy and block carb cravings to prevent the body from exiting from ketosis.

    You experience weight loss in the form of lipids and not muscle mass. The powder formula is easily assimilable into your blood thus works faster.

    Additionally, it prevents the occurrence of keto flu, so you don’t feel lethargic or demotivated. Brain functions are also sharpened as BHB boosts cognition.

    Combining the supplement with a healthy diet and moderate workouts will yield mesmerizing results in just a few weeks! Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones comes in two delicious lip-smacking flavors, namely Coconut cream, and Limeade.

Here, we would like to point out one aspect of a ketogenic diet. While it definitely works best for rapid weight loss, one must not forget the importance of sleep cycles and metabolism in general. The body’s other ancillary functions must be given due significance and shouldn’t be disregarded. If your body doesn’t have an optimum metabolic rate, then every effort to lose weight is ultimately futile.

Hence, in order to ensure the proper upkeep of natural cycles, Phen24 is highly recommended. And we’ll tell you why. Phen24 is a dietary supplement that supports natural sleep and wake cycles such that your body’s internal functions are not affected by the change in weight management (switch from glycolysis to ketosis).

Phen24 is available in two separate formats, one for the day and one for the night. Each dose focuses on the BMR during your active phase (day) and resting phase (night).

So, what is Phen24?

Phen24 Go Healthy West Piedmont Review

Phen24 is a nutritional supplement that helps the body maintain the natural biological clock and metabolism even when it has entered ketosis. Ketosis surely ushers in drastic changes in the body which leads to change in specific mechanisms of how the body works to sustain energy formation. Phen24 is a dietary supplement that ensures these basal metabolic rates are not affected when you’re obsessing over weight loss!

It is made from superior ingredients such as zinc, manganese, iodine, cayenne powder among many others that support the balance of all biochemical activities in the body including sleep and metabolic rates. Therefore, it is imperative to sustain these processes even when you’re on ketosis to prevent any imbalance of this innate harmony.

Phen24 doesn’t contain any stimulants thus it won’t interfere with your sleep duration or intensity. On the contrary, it will support your sleeping ability and help you achieve quality rest that makes you feel fresh and energized after! In pursuit of your specific metabolic rates at day (active time) and night (restful phase), Phen24 is prudently curated to fulfill your specific needs. 

How does the Day and Night formula of Phen24 works?

The timelines and involuntary functions conduct in the background. This ensures the biological clock running at a smooth pace. This is called the Circadian cycle. Our body has two different metabolic rates, one being in action when we are active during the day, and one which continues when we are resting or sleeping at night. Both these are extremely important for their own reasons.

While in the day the body is in the state of thermogenesis wherein there’s a nexus of calorie breakdown that may lead to calorie deficit which in turn leads to fat meltdown. The Phen24 day time formula ensures to sustain this fat decomposition process without hindering the other functions as well.

At night, however, our body works on a basal metabolic rate to conduct most functions (when our body is mainly in a restful state). This is the time when the body’s metabolism slows down and most involuntary functions are fuelled using this BMR. The nighttime formula of Phen24 helps decrease your cortisol levels, promote a feeling of calmness, and curb sugar cravings so that you don’t retreat from all the weight loss progress achieved during the day.

Benefits of Phen24:

  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Supports day and night metabolism
  • Maintains energy and stamina
  • Supports weight loss
  • Restoration of the sleep cycle
  • No prescription required
  • 60 days money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons of Phen24

Phen24 is a natural dietary supplement capsule made from natural ingredients to support your natural circadian rhythm. It doesn’t contain any artificial chemicals or steroid or stimulants which will meddle or create any hindrances for your bodily operations. It is 100% backed by science and safe for consumption.

The product also comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee so that you can be fully satisfied with the experience, else claim your money back in the form of a hassle-free refund!

As such Phen24 has no cons since it is optimally formulated to support your body’s normal functions and not enhance or modify them. It is a dietary supplement hence doesn’t require a prescription.

One just simply needs to ensure to maintain regularity with the product. Combining Phen24 with BHB keto pills will yield faster and smoother results.


  • Take one Phen24 day pill each morning before breakfast and
  • Two Phen24 night pills before dinner.

Both the pills have to be consumed at least 15 minutes before the said meals with a glass of water.

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Top 5 Reason to Try Phen24

  1. Separate day and night formula for optimum benefits: Dedicated formula to support metabolism of fat, especially for weight-conscious users in the day. And nighttime routine for good sleep, promotion of calmness, and restoration of BMR during the non-active phase.
  1. Supports natural Circadian Rhythm: During ketosis, or any other weight loss phase, one may suffer from insomnia or inability to fall asleep. Phen24 supports the calmness of brain functions and helps you get restful sleep.
  1. Promotes Weight Management: This works as a supporter of weight loss supplements, wherein it promotes metabolic breakdown and prevents carb dependency for more sustained effects of weight management.
  1. Maintains BMR and other involuntary functions seamlessly: While you are busy focussing on toning your body and losing visceral fat, your body continues to conduct functions such as digestion, sleep, respiration, detoxification. Phen24 supports these functions by maintaining energy balance for such functions.
  1. Money-Back Assurance: When it comes to trying out supplements, we may feel apprehensive about results. With Phen24 you can be rest assured as you have to option to claim a full refund within 60 days from the date of purchase in case of any dissatisfaction.

Happy Customer Testimonials of Phen24

David Jones (Australia):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have been using Phen24 for the past couple of months. It has helped me sleep better, kept me energetic to power through high-intensity gym sessions, controlled my weight, and boosted my overall stamina. I feel a renewed life. I love their simple yet unique formula each for day and night.”

Sophia (Canada):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have been trying to lose weight for so long. But due to low metabolism, my body quite never gets adapted to any weight loss plans I have tried so far. Starting Phen24 has improved my metabolism and off late I have slowly started losing weight. A long way to go, but Phen24 sure has made it more motivating.”

Elliot Brown (UK):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Having to work from home since last year due to the pandemic I had gained so much weight. I wanted to work out at home itself but I didn’t see any substantial results. Then started the Phen24 day and night time formula. I saw a change in my stamina and energy. Workouts are finally paying off and my sleep cycle has definitely been managed well.”

Miranda Westbrook (USA):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I am in my forties and have been struggling with weight loss for the last 3 years. I almost gave up after several futile attempts and a worthless supplement letting me down. Then my physician advised me to take a metabolism-boosting supplement like Phen24. Phen24 came as a savior. I have never felt so active and motivated. With a healthy diet and brisk walks, I lost 18 pounds in just over a month. Thanks, Phen24!”

Susan Goh (Singapore):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Phen24 has a fundamental formula designed specifically for day and nighttime metabolic requirements. I have experienced fantastic benefits since I started using the pills. It has helped me sleep better despite working from home and getting minimal physical activities done throughout the day. My digestion has improved and I have been feeling fresh and active. This is a highly recommended supplement especially for people who want to rectify their sleep and digestion!”

Compare the Best Keto BHB Pills Before You Head to Make a Purchase

 Keto ChargeKeto TrimDr. Colbert Instant Ketones
Product:BHB supplement to support ketogenic fat loss capsulesBHB Keto pill for weight loss capsulesExogenous BHB ketone supplement powder
Price per Bottle:$59.99 USD$29.95 USD$69.99 USD
Dosage:2 pills daily with a glass of water2 capsules once to three times dailyOne scoop of powder daily
Guarantee:67 days money-back guaranteeNo Guarantee (can only return Unopened Packs)No Guarantee
Customer Ratings5 Star4 Star3.5 Star
Suitability:Suitable for both men and womenSuitable for both men and womenSuitable for both men and women
Where to Buy?Click Here to Visit Keto Charge Official Website.Click Here to Visit Keto Trim Official WebsiteClick Here to Visit Instant Ketones Official Website


If you have made it this far, then we are confident that you have made your decision. Weight loss is not your individual problem. 18 million people across the world are clinically diagnosed with obesity and are struggling just like you. However, one must remember to prioritize health over anything. Losing weight in a healthy yet sustainable manner will yield more permanent results and prevent the relapse of lost weight. The Keto diet is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and non-taxing methods of losing weight.

However, the time taken to enter into the phase of ketosis may take up to 3 weeks under normal circumstances. Selecting an exogenous ketone supplement will not only expedite this process but also ensure extending it effortlessly. Keto Charge, Keto Trim, and Dr. Colbert Instant Ketones are adeptly designed to help you get in shape.

Also, remember to opt for Phen24 as a wingman so that your efforts don’t go waste! Choosing wisely can go a long way in this endeavor of a safe yet fruitful body transformation!

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