Our Story

GO Healthy West Piedmont 

GO Healthy West Piedmont is the result of an investment of nearly $1.7 million by Virginia Department of Health via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This four-year grant initiative is designed to prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. As residents of our communities consume more fresh, nutritious foods, engage in increased physical activity, and participate in lifestyle change programs, the expected outcome is reduced rates of obesity and diabetes. Through medication adherence and increased use of self-monitoring techniques, we also look forward to seeing our communities demonstrate improved blood pressure control leading to reduced death and disability rates from heart disease and stroke.

Staff members are located at the Health Connect Center in Martinsville. A Community Action Network advisory board consisting of members from Franklin, Henry, and Patrick counties and the City of Martinsville meets quarterly. 


Set goals to control weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and risk of heart attack.


Use tools on this website. Drink more water. Eat more veggies. Walk, walk, walk!


Enjoy more energy and lowered health risks, making lifestyle changes for good!