Waiting for a weight loss Miracle? Find Out Who Rules, Trimtone or LeanBean

We would all agree that burning fat and losing weight is an absolute pain! If you’re a woman, you will agree even more that it’s not just a pain, it’s also a full-fledged tedious task, and alas! Various forces often work against us- our work routines, our diets, our responsibilities! We understand because losing weight in women is not just about the looks, but also about various health dimensions like nutrition, hormonal balance, and homeostasis, and it becomes important that our ways to weigh less are natural and safe. In the midst of all this, we often tend to look for aid in supplements that contain compact formulas for effective and safe, and what’s better than a natural one?

But it isn’t so easy, is it? That’s why we are here to help you decide between two hand-picked fat burning and weight loss supplements for womenTrimtone and Leanbean!

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How to lose belly fat in women?

If there’s one thing all who want to shred weight share, it’s the burning desire to burn all unwanted stores of fat, and especially the most unwanted of all- belly fat! Losing abdominal fat doesn’t make us just feel better about our bodies but is in fact important for healthy functioning and well-being. This is also a challenge for women particularly because there are multiple factors that cross over each other to make abdominal stores of fat stubborn and resistant, like hormones, nutrition, activity, immune and endocrine functioning, and so on.

So how do we achieve this tiresome yet very desirable goal of burning belly fat in females?

The first line of answers lies in dietary changes

  • Avoiding sugary foods and drinks which lead to insulin resistance and metabolic problems,
  • Increasing protein and decreasing carbohydrates in the diet and take a lot of fiber.
  • It also goes without saying that exercising regularly is a must for reducing this fat.

    The second line of answers lies in certain substances that energize the process of burning fat and losing weight. These substances include things like Caffeine, Raspberries, Green Coffee Beans, Glucomannan, Green Tea, and Garcinia Cambogia.

    But who has the time to take all these ingredients all at once? Isn’t it better to find a supplement that has it all? For most of us, the answer to this question is a definite yes, and that brings us to the next question- 

What is the Best Fat Burning Supplement on the market formulated for women only?

It is obvious now that various dietary supplements will hold some of these basic ingredients crucial to reducing weight and cutting fat. However, the composition of the supplements is what makes them survive the competition. Apart from the fact that the best fat-burning supplement would have an appropriate and effective ingredient formulation, it is absolutely essential for the supplement to be safe and generate long-lasting effects.

This is even more true for women because each ingredient can have varying effects in varying bodies and have different results for our hormones. So, in our opinion, the best fat burning supplement is one that is made of effective natural ingredients that offer you long-lasting results through naturally accelerating your fat burning and weight loss mechanisms.

In view of this, we shall now quickly get to the point-  which is the best fat burner for women? Trimtone or Leanbean?

Trimtone and Leanbean The Best fat Burner for Women

What are Trimtone and Leanbean?

We’re assuming that considering you’re here, you already have an idea about these two products. For the sake of clarity, though, we’ll quickly give you a more concrete idea of Trimtone and Leanbean.

  • Trimtone is specially created to cater to the needs of women with not just weight management concerns but overall health, especially those with hectic schedules.

  • Leanbean claims to a “revolutionary fat burner” in the fitness industry and is specially customized to suit the needs of women. Leanbean is manufactured by Ultimate Life Limited, which is popular in the health and fitness market for its supplements and is especially known well for adapting their products to specific consumer needs.

    Trimtone in opposition is an undertaking of the Swiss Research Labs Limited, which has been in the business since 1999 for its focus on aiding health in the midst of busy schedules through its vigorously created efficient supplements.

The key behind the formula of both the products is taking care of various health mechanisms that often work together when it comes to weight management, namely reducing appetite, boosting energy, and enhancing metabolism.

This triangular process helps you burn not just weight but also the chances of gaining it again

Considering that the two products look similar with respect to their goals and means of achieving them, we’ve decided to take you through the process of what goes into these products in a format that helps understand the very different compositions in both.

Common Ingredients

  • Green Coffee: Green coffee beans, especially unroasted, are magical for your weight loss goals. In addition to the heavy amount of antioxidants filled in these magic beans, green coffee is also super rich in chlorogenic acid, an increasingly popular component in the dietary business. The combination of these elements is effective for weight loss as it works to reduce the absorption of fat and glucose, lower insulin and boost metabolism. Its thermogenic properties also accelerate the rate at which fat is burned! Both Trimtone and Leanbean contain this ingredient.

  • Glucomannan: This is an increasingly popular ingredient that has been gaining more and more credibility for its functions for diet and weight management. It has been scientifically acclaimed for its ability to reduce appetite, prolong the sense of satiation, and hence reduce food cravings.

    Leanbean consists of more of this through Konjac Fibre, the root that is rich in Glucomannan. However, it is important for these exact reasons that it is taken in strictly appropriate amounts, which Trimtone takes care of!

Unique Ingredients in Trimtone

Trimtone review
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: If there could be a single ingredient that makes all fitness and weight supplements a tad more (read: much more) real and efficient, we’d say it is this! Caffeine is a powerful fat burner owing to its magical functions for thermogenesis and lipolysistwo critical processes that help in increasing the rate at which fat and calories break and burn. In doing so, it also boosts your energy and performance and gives you better alertness and the kind of workout stimulation you need!

  • Green Tea: This crucial ingredient is key to not just efficient and natural weight loss but also to a holistic elevation of healthy functioning. It increases our metabolism and stimulates hormones that direct our body to lose weight. Perhaps the most popular constituent of green tea is its richness of catechins, which reduce the amount of carbohydrates absorbed in the body leading to much less likelihood of unwanted fat storage.

  • Grains of Paradise: If the name sounds absurd at all, it is only because the effects this ingredient has for weight loss are magical. A cousin of ginger, which is already known for its fat busting and metabolistic effects, grains of paradise stimulate the brown adipose tissue (BAT) that escalates thermogenesis in a way that no kind of fat can combat it. It also works to regulate sugar levels and minimize food cravings, helping in weight and metabolic stability. Paradise indeed, yeah?

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Unique Ingredients in Leanbean

Leanbean Review
  • Choline: A key nutrient found to be synthesized by the liver, Choline is crucial for various functions that work to manage health and weight in the body, such as transportation of fat and cholesterol removal. Considering that choline produced in the body is not enough, especially when dealing with weight loss goals, it has to be consumed through other sources such as supplements and Leanbean provides this to you!

  • Chloride: An electrically charged mineral, a.k.a. an electrolyte, Chloride is an efficient source of hydration and health. It has significant functions of facilitating regular and healthy digestion with its activation of other important elements like potassium and hydrochloric acid in the body. This keeps you from not just indigestion but also from gut infections and improper gut functioning.

  • Zinc: Most supplements, be it for weight loss, fitness, or vitality, will be found to have this mineral for its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it optimizes metabolism, especially of carbs and fatty acids, and aids better protein synthesis which further encourages a fit and healthy bodily functioning and less likelihood of unnecessary fat stores. It also boosts energy and stamina.

  • Turmeric:  Often called “the Golden Goddess”, Turmeric is becoming a world-favourite alternative to many ingredients and an effective solution to various concerns. It has been an ancient favorite for health and weight concerns and acts as a powerful stimulant with additional healing properties and many potential health benefits.

  • Garcinia Cambogia: This ingredient is a tropical fruit that has a wide range of benefits for health. It helps fasten and prolong the sense of satiation, thereby keeping you away from food cravings and hunger pangs. What’s more is that the hydroxycitric acid in it gives you a feeling of better control over your appetite and also prevents unwanted stores of fat, which in turn allows for more muscular energy and less fatigue!

  • Acai Berry: Brimming with antioxidants and powerful packages of essential nutrients, Acai berries have been used by tropical civilizations for their influential role in controlling cholesterol, enhancing cognitive and mental functioning, boosting immune functioning, optimize heart health, and appetite suppression. It also helps ease the digestive process to make it faster and efficient.

  • Vitamins B6 and B12: The Vitamin B complex is a powerful and extremely popular component of most supplements, but most of all for those focusing on weight and fitness management. This is because these two vitamins are two of the most crucial and effective ingredients to boost energy and metabolism to the most optimum capacities.
    The added benefits of these functions further include fewer chances of tiredness and fatigue, better mood and enhances mind-muscle coordination.

  • BioPerine Black Pepper: Piperine’s role in weight and fitness management has been renowned for its thermogenic properties and its absolutely essential function of enhancing bioavailability, which helps the body absorb vital nutrients faster and more effectively!

  • Chromium Picolinate: Another critical ingredient found in many weight management supplements, this mineral has been scientifically shown to regulate blood sugar levels and optimize metabolism, especially that of macronutrients which are important for healthy and balanced functioning. It has, even more, to offer with its ability to also effectively focus on losing belly fat and facilitating lean body mass!

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Now that you have the lists of ingredients, the next and very crucial step has arrived- which set of ingredients is better? This is a crucial point because it is the combination of ingredients that makes any supplement worth buying. This decision becomes tricky when two products in comparison have just two ingredients in common, and in fact, have a huge difference in the number and kinds of unique ingredients. The question arises, then, on what to do with these ingredients!

What benefits to look out for with these ingredients?

Before giving you a detailed answer, let’s go through the list of goals the products seem to satisfy-

With Leanbean, you get-

  • Relieved constant food cravings, especially those high on sugar
  • Longer lasting satiation
  • Better digestion and metabolism
  • Boosts in energy and a lesser chance of fatigue
  • Optimization of glucose levels and heart functioning
  • Overall burning of stubborn fat and weight loss

With Trimtone, you get

  • Reduced cravings for food and hunger pangs
  • Better control overeating and appetite
  • Relieved of stubborn fat, especially belly fat
  • Better metabolism and basal functioning
  • Boosts in energy and focus
  • Better motivation and a lesser chance of fatigue.

If you look at the list, both supplements seem quite different in composition. What is also true is that this difference in the composition will also, obviously, create different results. But aren’t both fat burners for women? They are.

But that’s where the catch comes- as we mentioned, it’s the combination of ingredients that determine how suitable they would be for your goals. For example, both supplements are made of completely natural ingredients. However, while Leanbean uses 10 ingredients to work on appetite, thermogenesis, metabolism, and energy, Trimtone achieves the same results as LeanBean with just five leading ingredients! Within these five ingredients, Trimtone manages to pack in the most acclaimed fat burners. It covers all the basics!

Further, while Leanbean’s ingredients help with weight loss, Trimtone’s ingredients help with burning fat– trust us, there’s a difference because burning fat is helping your fitness in a longer run!

For example, experts often believe that fat burners are incomplete without caffeine, which Leanbean in fact does not have. Moreover, the fact that Leanbean uses more ingredients with various functions also tends to dilute the effect of each as compared to power-packing five ingredients focused on similar processes.

Hence, if your goal is healthy, quick, and efficient fat loss that also stays with you for longer, we believe Trimtone’s ingredients provide a more favorable formula.

Are they safe? Or have any side effects?

With their natural compositions, Trimtone and Leanbean are completely safe and show no reported side effects. They are made up of completely safe, high-quality, and scientifically tested ingredients in approved facilities. However, it still is worth for you to note the specific ingredients in each product to ensure that you do not have any specific allergies to any of them.

Apart from this, it is absolutely recommended that you do not go beyond the recommended dosage of these products, as it can lead to varying side effects. Here are the recommended doses for each-

  • Trimtone recommends only 1 pill per day taken before breakfast.
  • Leanbean recommends 2 pills three times a day with water, making it 6 pills in a day in total.


We also suggest that you consult your physician before consuming any of these, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions. It is also not advisable to consume these if you are below 18 years of age, pregnant, or lactating.

What else comes with these women oriented fat burners?

The first and foremost benefit you get with any of these products is the absolute happiness of naturally attained weight loss, with the use of high-quality ingredients that work for your needs. But that’s not all!

You get an edge with amazing money-back Guarantees!

While Leanbean offers you a 90 days satisfaction guarantee in the event of which, you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price should you not be satisfied with the results, Trimtone promises to refund you 100% of your purchased price, with a 100 days satisfaction guarantee– no strings attached!

What’s the verdict?

Let’s come to the final point that you’ve probably been looking for- which is better to naturally lose weight? After considering various factors, we’ve made the tough call to align with Trimtone as the best choice, and here are our reasons-

  • It offers a safe, simple, and effective mechanism to naturally burn fat for weight loss!
  • It has an appropriate and super simple formula for achieving weight loss as compared to Leanbean!
  • It has a more appropriate dosage as compared to Leanbean, considering you need only 1 pill a day for Trimtone but 6 for Leanbean!
  • It is more cost-effective than Leanbean! (see our Recap Table for more information)
  • It offers a longer moneyback guarantee of 100-days, opposed to Leanbean’s 90 days!

A Healthy Comparison

Price per monthly supply$59.99 for 1 bottle/month (30 capsules a bottle) $99.90 for 2 bottles (2 months plus one free) $149.85 for 5 bottles (3 months plus 2 free)$59.99 for 1 bottle/month (180 capsules a bottle) $118.00 for 2 bottles (2 months plus one free) $185.00 for 4 bottles (3 months plus 1 free)
Recommended dosage 1 capsule a day before breakfast2 capsules 3 times a day
Guarantee100 days money-back guarantee90 days money-back guarantee
Suitable forFormulated for womenFormulated for women
VeganMade of Gelatin CapsulesVegan Friendly
Where to Buy?Tap to visit Trimtone Official to Order!Tap to visit LeanBean Official to Order!