Performer 8 Vs ExtenZe Vs Zyrexin: No More Flabby Sex Days!

Have your sex life lost the spark lately? Do you feel you cannot meet your partner’s high sexual expectations like you used to do earlier? You can say goodbye to flabby penis days by taking potent male enhancers like Performer 8, ExtenZe, and Zyrexin that will help you to re-create the hottest sex life that you’ve always wanted. Whether it is stress, anxiety, poor lifestyle habits, any hormonal deficiency, or health issues, these libido boosters will bring back your lost sexual vigor and generate complete sexual restoration like your college days. 

ExtenZe Vs Zyrexin vs Performer 8 Comparison guide by GoHealthy Wesit Piedmont

Poor performance in the bedroom can spoil a man’s self-confidence and self-esteem and so therefore these supplements can work as powerful performance enhancers which will reinstall a man’s diminishing sexual vitality. 

Let’s delve deeper into how these products work and which one proves to be the best choice for you.

No. #1: What is Performer 8?

Performer 8 Logo

Performer 8 is a plant-based herbal male enhancement supplement to heighten sexual performance and revitalize sexual stamina, vigor, and vitality in men. This all-natural male enhancement solution is designed to amplify a man’s sexual performance 8 times more intensely and more invigorated. This manhood-enhancing supplement promises to add strength and renewed energy and robustness in male sexual activity which gets weakened and sluggish with age and owing to decreased testosterone levels. This manly vigor-supporting natural formula promotes virility and male sexual health by providing sensual energy, sex drive, and erotic stamina. 

This manliness-increasing supplement is formulated by a leading group of European scientists, formulators, and experts in male nutrition who are specialists in the knowledge of the male body and his sexual functioning and behavior. This revolutionary male potency builder aids one to get stronger, larger, and longer-lasting erections and delayed climax which results in a mutually satisfying bedroom experience which is the sign of enhanced libido and sexual performance.

This herbal virility formula is a synergistic blend of nine potent, safe, and clinically proven ingredients which work towards reviving and intensifying overall sexual performance that includes stamina, libido, penis girth, and hardness. This is a non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free effective herbal supplement that prevents sexual slow-down in men and puts back the spark in the overall sexual function and desire felt by middle-aged men. 

Performer 8 Male Virility Booster

This natural and science-based libido booster improves sexual performance in eight different ways

  • Firstly, this performance enhancer revitalizes and invigorates sexual stamina by improving the brain and body sync which enables one to get fully focused so that one can satisfy his partner fully with greater, stronger energy.
  • Secondly, the powerful aphrodisiacs in this formulation heighten your sexual desire and appetite for sensual pleasure

  • Thirdly, testosterone deficiency is also the main reason for low libido in men, and Performer 8 supports a natural boost in the levels of testosterone in men thereby leads to a healthy libido, sexual stamina, and better muscle definition.
  • Fourthly, this male enhancer aids men to last longer by enabling better control over erections and prevents premature ejaculation
  • Fifthly, this libido booster contains vital herb extracts that promote better blood flow and lead to increased size, girth, and hardness of your manly organ which in turn helps you to get bigger, harder, and voluminous erections and fully gratifying sexual experience. 
  • Sixthly, this manhood enhancer rouses sexual desire in matured men who experience a sudden fall in their sex drive and this formula helps in relieving stress, balances mood, heightens focus, and develops a healthy appetite for sex
  • Seventhly, this libido booster contains clinically potent herbal extracts that contribute to increased semen volume, improved sperm motility, and semen quality and concentration which naturally intensifies orgasms along with noticeable pulsing and voluminous finish that denotes a completely satiating sexual performance. 
  • Finally, this organic male enhancement system further boosts self-confidence and self-esteem in mature men as they feel rejuvenated and sexually reinvigorated as they used to be when they were in their twenties. This boost in their sexual confidence is the result of revived sexual appetite and overall improvement in their bedroom performance as they enjoy their inflated ability to satisfy their partners due to the magnified size of their manly organ, better mood, and renewed sensual energy and drive. 

Therefore, Performer 8 is a well-rounded, naturally safe, clinically-backed, and of course, incredibly effective herbal formulation that rectifies the sexual inertia of the middle-aged man in a scientifically potent way and infuses newfound sensual energy for heightened sexual performance and better erotic appetite, stamina, and libido


Performer 8 Features
  • Imparts enormous sexual energy and stamina
  • Magnifies sexual drive and libido
  • Elevates blood flow and supply of nutrition towards sexual organs
  • Fortifies the sync between the body and brain to enhance mutual sexual gratification 
  • Amplifies erotic appetite and sensual mood
  • Augments testosterone levels
  • Enhances muscle mass and definition
  • Reinvigorates you and energizes you immensely
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
  • Rectifies erectile dysfunction
  • Contributes to larger, thicker, and harder erections for amazing sex
  • Reduces stress levels and increases sexual focus and encourages the mood for sex
  • Helps you to attain longer-lasting and massive orgasms
  • Escalates semen volume, the better concentration of semen, and sperm motility
  • Develops self-confidence and self-esteem due to remarkably improved sexual function and libido
  • Enables you to enjoy enhanced sexual confidence which empowers you to satisfy your partner wholly
  • Renews sexual performance and sensual vigor in diabetic patients 
  • Reinforces overall sexual health and function in males
  • Brings about complete sexual restoration and heightened erotic mood in middle-aged men.

Recommended Dosage and Side Effects

Performer 8 Supplements Facts

The recommended dosage of Performer 8 is 3 capsules to be taken daily preferably with a meal. The dosage can be taken on an empty stomach also.

Regarding the side effects, Performer 8 is completely safe and free of side effects as it is a non-GMO, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free formulation. This manhood enhancer contains clinically-backed and scientifically safe herbal extracts which have been perfectly dosed for effective male potency results without causing any negative effects on the health. 

Hence, there is no possibility of any adverse reactions or detrimental effects after consuming this supplement owing to the purely herbal and essentially clean and safe formulation of this all-natural libido booster. 

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No. #2: What is ExtenZe? 

Extenze Male Enhancement Supplement

ExtenZe is an all-natural male enhancement supplement that supports sexual problems in matured men. This male enhancement formula is a powerful supplement for enhancing virility in males and renews sexual vigor in aging men. This virility-boosting health supplement is made up of natural ingredients that support the male reproductive system and promote sexual functions, hormonal activity, sex drive, and performance in men. This is a safe libido booster that does not require a prescription and aids to revive sexual health in men. 

This is an advanced medically designed male sexual enhancer that can facilitate enlarging the size of your erect penis by expanding the girth and length in a natural manner. This is a high-quality virility dietary supplement that consists of a proprietary blend of plant extracts that have been approved by well-known health experts to help men treat their sexual inadequacies and get frequent erections, electrifying orgasms, and longer-lasting bedroom sessions

This well-established natural male enhancement supplement improves blood circulation and blood flow towards male sexual organs especially the three erectile chambers of the penis which leads to enhanced volume and larger and harder erections for exciting and amazing sexual performance. This unique manhood booster contains natural ingredients which comprise a unique herbal blend that is effective in improving erectile dysfunction and other sexual ailments in men. Each and every natural extract in this formulation is extremely powerful in increasing the blood flow to the penis to strengthen and invigorate the staying power of the erection. This unique herbal performance enhancer is devoid of any artificial substances or narcotics and is a safe and completely natural formulation to maximize the power of your upright penis that includes both size and endurance

This all-natural manhood booster results in more voluminous and more unbelievably massive erections which lead to an exceptionally fulfilling sex life. This scientifically safe manliness-supporting formula is a safer option to treat penile erectile issues without having to undergo painful procedures, gadgets, stretchers, or expensive and side-effect-filled surgeries. ExtenZe is a popular and convenient formula that works on a scientific basis and does not cause adverse effects like prescription drugs or is unlike expensive surgical penile implants. This is a fast-acting erection enhancer that is completely different from vacuum pump erection devices and saves you from unnecessary penile enlarging injections. This is easy and prudent to use a manhood enhancer that diminishes symptoms of erectile dysfunction and boosts your sexual functions as it treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction effortlessly.


Extenze Money Back Guarantee
  • Facilitates better blood and nutrient flow towards the penis 
  • Results in bigger and thicker erections 
  • Gives you elevated sexual stamina and lasting power
  • Helps you to enjoy thrilling climaxes
  • Boost testosterone levels
  • Aids in improved muscle mass, tone, and definition
  • Enables you to fully satisfy your partner 
  • Heightens your sexual confidence
  • Increases sexual desire and libido
  • Assists you to get faster and stronger erections
  • Helps you to experience intense orgasms
  • Amplifies and enhances your overall sexual performance 
  • Heightens your sensual energy, mood, and mental focus
  • Improves sperm quantity and motility
  • Wards of anxiety and stressful feelings
  • Treats sexual dysfunctions and takes care of prostate health
  • Raises metabolism and fights off fatigue.

Recommended Dosage and Side effects

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The suggested dosage is 1 gel-based capsule of ExtenZe daily along with a meal, preferably after breakfast. 

ExtenZe is entirely natural manhood boosting dietary supplement that contains perfectly dosed extracts of potent herbal extracts that work on male sexual health safely and without causing any side effects. This virility enhancer does not contain any artificial additives or synthetic fillers that might harm your health, in fact, it has a formulation containing only natural libido-lifting herbs that are safe to consume. 

Hence, there are no reported side effects associated with this supplement.

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No. #3: What is Zyrexin?

Zyrexin for Men

Zyrexin is an all-natural dietary supplement for male sexual enhancement that promises the fastest libido-enhancing benefits for thrilling sex life. This fast-acting manhood restoring formula is designed to improve sexual desire and abilities in men of all ages so that they can enjoy a better and sizzling sex life in a safe manner. This supplement is made up of natural plant extracts that work on diminishing sexual male potency very effectively so that one can get harder, stronger, and longer-lasting erections and at the same time enjoy a renewed sexual interest, heightened libido, and better sex drive. 

This male sexual enhancer improves sexual performance in men who face trouble getting sexually aroused and become unable to satisfy their partners due to their decreasing libido and sexual function. This is a safe and doctor-approved science-based male enhancement formula that targets the underlying cause behind the sexual apathy and sexual dysfunction of matured males. The herbal formulation of Zyrexin works on male sexual health effectively and increases blood flow towards male sexual organs by improving the levels of nitric oxide. This male sexual enhancer further boosts mood and feelings of sexual arousal in men which contribute to better sex drive and libido. 

Zyrexin’s completely natural formula works as an aphrodisiac and penile enlargement supplement that causes men to have harder and long-lasting erections and intense orgasms with elevated levels of sexual energy and stamina to perform in an excited and exhilarating manner in the bedroom. 


  • Increases blood flow to the genitals and leads to larger and longer-lasting erections
  • Treats erectile dysfunction and other sexual impotency
  • Works fast in arousing sexual feelings and euphoric mood
  • Helps in developing erotic desire and boosts sex drive
  • Heightens libido and sexual appetite
  • Reduces mental fatigue and increases dopamine levels
  • Improves one’s ability to last longer in bed by reinforcing sexual performance.

Recommended Dosage and Side Effects

The recommended dosage given by the manufacturer is 1-2 tablets of Zyrexin to be taken daily 45 minutes before sexual activity. One should never exceed more than 2 tablets a day. 

Zyrexin is a wholly natural male enhancement supplement comprising of herbal extracts and so there is no major scope of facing any side effects after taking this supplement. But having said that, persons who are diabetic, or are suffering from heart diseases or any other health issues, should refrain from taking this product as it might cause heart palpitations or insomnia.

Zyrexin Supplement Facts


Common Ingredients in all the three supplements

The only ingredient that is common to all the three libido enhancers:-

  • Horny Goat Weed or Epimedium Extract – this herb extract acts as a powerful aphrodisiac and helps in checking the activity of erection-reducing enzymes. This herb promotes blood flow so which gives harder and stronger erections for a deeper and longer sexual experience. It also stimulates erotic mood and appetite for frequent sex.

Common Ingredients in Performer 8 and ExtenZe

The two ingredients that are found in these two supplements are:-

  • Muira Puama Extract – this aphrodisiac is a Brazilian herb that is a potent libido booster that facilitates in giving you bigger and better erections and gives you an amplified sex drive and mental focus.

  • Ginseng – this herb extract drastically improves erectile function and maintenance. It enhances erection thickness, rigidity, and lasting power. It further elevates sexual health and heightens sexual satisfaction and prevents erectile dysfunctionIt boosts libido, increases sperm quality and overall sexual wellbeing.

Common Ingredients in ExtenZe and Zyrexin

There are three ingredients that can be found in both the male enhancers:-

  • L-Arginine – this amino acid is an essential nutrient for increasing protein levels in the body. It aids in the treatment of male infertility and prevents erectile dysfunction.

  • Xanthroparmelia Scarbrosa – this performs as an aphrodisiac as it boosts sexual desire and increases libido powerfully.

  • Yohimbe Extract – this fat-decreasing compound also plays the part of a stimulant that facilitates men in overcoming erection problems.

Common Ingredients in Zyrexin and Performer 8

Besides the use of Horny Goat Weed or Epimedium Extract that has been mentioned already, there is no other common ingredient in these two male enhancement supplements. 

Unique Ingredients in Performer 8

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  • Ashwagandha – this traditional Ayurvedic extract aids in boosting testosterone levels, intensifies sexual desire and drive, and enhances sexual performance. It also increases muscle mass, energy levels and reduces cortisol levels, thereby decreases stress levels.

  • Ferrous Bisglycinate – this specialized type of iron compound is easier to digest and gets assimilated into the body than regular iron. This nutrient helps to promote smooth blood flow which encourages swifter and longer-lasting and bigger erections for intensely pleasurable orgasms.

  • Maca Root Extract – this Indian Mountain extract is a potent aphrodisiac that is known to support sexual health as it boosts sexual desire and erotic stamina.

  • Pine Bark Extract – this tree extract is well-known for enhancing sexual satisfaction in men and improves sexual health in men. This nutrient is further helpful in uplifting sexual desire and libido in diabetic men who generally feel less sexually active owing to their diabetes condition.

  • Glucuronolactone – this plant-based compound aids in the reduction of oxidative stress and takes care of the blood vessels. It acts like an antioxidant component that takes care of the cells and prevents damage from free radicals.

  • Grape Seed Extract – this fruit extract elevates the levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream and amplifies blood flow health and better nutrient supply to the genitals causing thicker and fuller erections for astounding sexual experience.
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Unique Ingredients in ExtenZe

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  • Folate – this nutrient leads to the development of healthy red and white blood cells, improves fertility, and provides you with an energy boost.

  • Zinc – this essential nutrient boosts testosterone levels and also improves sperm quantity and motility to elevated levels.

  • Pregnenolone – this is a hormone that assists in increasing testosterone levels and other libido-lifting hormones that stoke sexual interest in men.

  • Piper Longum – this extract provides a wide array of health benefits including reduction of depression and anxiety to the bioavailability of other ingredients.

  • Ginger – this stomach-relieving ingredient also acts as an aphrodisiac by escalating blood flow towards the genitalia thus making the erogenous areas sensitive and sexually charged.

  • Tribulus Terrestris – This extract helps in increasing testosterone and DHEA and a certain compound known as protodioscin is present in Terrestris, which aids in improving male sexual functions

  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid – this nutrient aid in regulating sexual tone and plays an important part in the hypothalamic and pituitary functions of the brain.

  • Deer Antler Velvet – it contains male hormones which include Insulin-like growth factor 1 which is produced in the liver as a reply to growth hormone activation and is held responsible for regulating endurance, strength, promotes recovery, eases out stress and fortifying fertility levels, and interest in men.

  • Damiana – it functions as an aphrodisiac as it increases sexual stamina, enhanced erectile function, and more excitingly enjoyable climaxes.

  • Pumpkin – it improves prostate health and functions and supports hormone production.

  • Nettle – This herb extract elevates urine flow and enhances prostate gland wellness.

  • Astragalus – it improves the function of the lungs, adrenal glands, and gastrointestinal tract. It also enhances metabolism and reduces sweating and fatigue.

  • Licorice Root – this aid in managing stress levels and balances fluid retention and regulates hormonal activity. It further boosts mood.

  • Ho Shu Wu Extract – this is a well-known virility-enhancing medicine that also gives anti-aging effects.

  • Hop (strobile) Extract – it promotes the production of male sex hormones and treats insomnia.

  • Boron – this nutrient is associated with improving the levels of testosterone and estrogen which gets reduced in matured men and so enhances overall sexual health.
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Unique Ingredients in Zyrexin

  • Ginkgo Leaf Extract – this antioxidant-rich extract fights inflammation and boosts cognitive health and reduces anxiety. It also acts as an aphrodisiac by aiding in the relaxation of blood vessels and improves mood.

  • Cnidium Fruit Extract – it amplifies sexual performance, raises libido, and treats erectile dysfunction.

  • Velvet Bean Extract – this antioxidant treats male infertility and prevents nerve disorders.

  • Butea Superba Extract –this aphrodisiac enhances sexual performance, reduces symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and even boosts sperm count and motility.

Which is the Best Male Enhancement Product in the Market, Performer 8, Extenze or Zyrexin?

Performer 8 for Sale - Order Now @ Special Discount Price

Out of the three manhood enhancers, Performer 8 appears to be a cut above and definitely has the edge over ExtenZe and Zyrexin. Performer 8 is an outstanding sexual-health boosting supplement that will help in restoring the confidence and sexual strength needed for aging men.

At the outset Performer 8 is the perfectly safe and No. #1 choice for anybody who wants a major boost in his sexual performance and stamina as it is a completely natural supplement containing plant-based ingredients that facilitate men to enhance their flagging sexual vigor and erotic vitality without a prescription

Each and every single ingredient contained in Performer 8 has been clinically studied and tested and has undergone several scientific trials by different leading formulators, scientists, and health experts in male nutrition. The entire formulation supports the complete sexual restoration of the middle-aged man including libido, erections, orgasms, endurance, muscle strength, semen quality, and sensual pleasure

Moreover, this male sexual enhancer is perfectly dosed for optimum efficacy as it avoids unnecessary ingredients. Besides, the formulation of Performer 8 is overwhelmingly safe as it does not contain any stimulants or harmful and artificial additives or fillers that might emerge to be dangerous. Furthermore, Performer 8 offers the best guarantee on the market as it promises a Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee, unlike the other two male enhancement supplements. 

The No.#2 choice would of course be ExtenZe which is also a natural-based and potent sexual enhancer that contains a blend of health-boosting vital nutrients and efficacious natural herbs that have been studied by well-known sexual health professionals to heighten sexual performance, erection size, and pleasure without going through any side effects. Besides, this male enhancement supplement offers a 67 Days Money-Back Guarantee too and is a product of a reputed manufacturing company known as Leading Edge Health. 

But Zyrexin, as opposed to the other two does not appear to be a powerful sexual enhancer like Performer 8 and ExtenZe as Zyrexin contains a proprietary blend wherein the exact amounts of each ingredient are not clearly mentioned and the ingredients also lack the right libido-boosting properties. Further, the manufacturer does not elaborate on the evidence and effectiveness of each and every ingredient and the product lacks scientific studies

Moreover, this product namely Zyrexin has received some negative reviews about having caused minor side effects like heart palpitations, headaches, stomach upsets, and nausea. Lastly, this supplement does not offer any money-back guarantee

Comparing some Details for An Easier Shopping Experience

Performer 8ExtenZeZyrexin
Suitable for Men in their 40s and aboveMen in their 30s and aboveMen of all ages
PurposeComplete male sexual enhancement ranging from sexual energy, stamina, erections, orgasms, and semen quality Gives bigger erections, massive orgasms, and long-lasting sessionsSexual enhancement 
Price 1 month’s supply costs $64.991 month’s supply costs $35.991 Pack is priced at $19.99 so 1 Month’s supply would cost around $119.94.
Dose3 capsules daily 1 tablet daily 2 tablets daily
Customer Ratings5 Star4 Star3 Star
Soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-freeYesYesNot clear
Guarantee100% Lifetime money-back guarantee67-Days Money-back guaranteeNone
All-natural YesYesYes
Side effect-freeYesYesDoes give off mild side effects
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Whether you are looking to maximizing your libido, sexual stamina, or wish to enhance your overall bedroom experience, Performer 8 will assist you to get nookie fit as safely and powerfully as possible. This revolutionary manhood revitalizer will get you super-charged for your sack sessions so that your partner and you can experience the most electrifying and satisfying sex of your lives.