YK-11 Vs YKBULK: Which is better Legally and for Quick Muscle Gains?

Bodybuilding takes time. Ripping the excess fat and building up muscles will get you cut muscles. Bulking is a result of many collective processes in your body. So do you wish to build muscles quickly? There are many products available in the market for the same. People used to use steroids in the beginning. Due to its hazardous side effects and legality, it then became less popular and that gave rise to SARMS.

What are SARMS? Well, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, abbreviated as SARMS are compounds that act on tissues selectively. Using a SARM can get you results quickly. But these are now available only for medical purposes. That’s why you should use YKBulk as an effective alternative to SARMS like YK11 Myostatin Inhibitor.

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But first, let’s find out a little more about YK11 SARM, and reasons as to why this solution should be avoided.

YK11 Myostatin Vs YKBulk

YK11 SARM Review, what is this SARM?

YK-11 is much more of a super-SARM than the other SARMs. It gets you promising results to reach your highest physical and mental potential with very minimal side effects. Muscle gain stimulation, bone health improvements, and fat loss are its primary benefits. This compound acts only on myostatin, an element seen only in muscles. Myostatin limits the bulking of lean muscles and thereby your quick muscle gains. YK-11 inhibits the actions of myostatin and increases the speed of muscle growth and bulk. In addition, there are shreds of evidence confirming its actions to stimulate proteins responsible for bone building.

Benefits of YK-11

  • Increase muscle size: It is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) that acts on muscles to stimulate their growth. It increases the follistatin cell production while limiting the myostatin action for rapid muscle growth. Many people have reported a 10-15lbs lean muscle mass increase in just eight weeks.

  • Fat reduction: Besides muscle growth stimulation, it enhances the rate of fat burning and helps you get your body built to the shape you want.

  • Healthier bones: The bone strength is closely related to sex hormones (androgens). Binding itself to androgen receptors increases the available activated protein kinase B (PKB) and improves bone growth and bone strength.

  • Increase strength: This improves muscle growth, fat reduction, and bone health, that will eventually increase your strength and aids in lifting more weight. When you lift more weight, it stimulates the muscle fibers and enhances muscle growth again.

YK11 Dosage and YK11 Cycle

Taking 5mg YK11 daily for 4-8 weeks is the ideal dosage for good muscle gains. But most users recommend using 10-15mg daily for best results. However, an increase in dosage can increase the chances of side effects it may produce.

Commonly reported YK 11 Side effects

Though SARMs are compounds with minimal side effects (as compared to steroids), yet it still manages to produce few unwanted effects to the body for a short period. These temporary side effects will subside as you stop using them, but it is advised to consider any unwanted effects seriously, even if they are temporary.

  • Steroidal structure: This SARM is much of a hybrid than other SARMs. Its chemical structure is closely related to steroids and can have potential effects.

  • Testosterone suppression: YK-11 users have reported a drop in natural T levels after its cycle. This can have mental effects like increased aggression, hair loss, and mild acne. Though the changes are temporary, it can have potential effects on your sexual health and fertility.

  • Liver toxicity: Usually, the SARMS won’t produce any effects on the liver. But the close structural resemblance of YK-11 to steroids and its nature can have slight liver toxicities.

There are not enough data available on its long-term use on humans or animals. So rather than choosing a product without knowing its effects on long-term use, professionals always prefer to use natural alternatives like YKBulk that do not have any adverse impact on your body even with long-term use.

So, to gain YK11 like effects our recommendation is the YKBulk by Brutal Force, that acts as a copy of the SARM, but using only natural ingredients.

What is YKBulk?

BrutalForce YKBULK Review

YKBulk is a powerful muscle growth enhancer, an alternative to one of the most influential and super-SARM YK-11. Without side effects, it increases the speed of muscle bulking and gets you ready for super-charged workouts. The extreme muscle growth with this fast-acting formula will enhance your performance and help reach rapid strength gains. The wholly natural mixture is safe, legal, and easy to use. It improves your muscle quality and helps you recover faster.

How does YKBulk work?

  • The product contains natural ingredients to elevate your free testosterone levels and control its conversion to an inactive form. The T level boost will improve your muscle production and result in quick muscle gains.

  • The anti-inflammatory benefits of some elements in the item will boost your ability to work out more without pain or soreness.

  • They improve your recovery time and aid in focusing more on muscle building.

  • Ingredients like Acetyl L-Carnitine also help in better fat loss, especially those masking your muscles.

  • Also, with better energy production, your energy levels get boosted, muscle growth increases, and you won’t have to worry about muscle pain or fatigue.

Ingredients in YKBulk

Puncture vine (Tribulus Terrestris): It is a fruit extract included in the product to increase testosterone production. This herbal nutritional component can produce sizable lean muscle mass gains and strength.

In traditional medicine, its anti-inflammatory uses are also utilized. It helps to control inflammation, joint pains while improving hepatic (liver) health. Also, it has positive effects on the brain to produce mood enhancement effects. This astringent helps keep your skin healthier and gives you a healthy look while you shred your unwanted fat.

Bulbine natalensis: The stem powder will boost your muscle mass, stamina, and testosterone. Its actions are sure-fire ways to strengthen gains and size. Its influence in androgen receptors through increased testosterone will boost your workout sessions and muscle-building responses. When used with a good-fat and protein diet, it will boost your T levels. Several human study data are confirming its use for increasing male hormone production and promising bodybuilding benefits.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: It is an energy production booster. Its effects to enhance brain and heart functions improve your mood, concentration, focus, muscle control, and muscle movement. In addition, carnitine will promote fat burning and produce energy production as required by the muscles.

By including it in your daily diet, your fat-burning rate spikes, and muscle building capacity improves. It selectively burns fat components masking your muscles, and uses the energy for better muscle functioning. Thus, you can burn fat and build muscles at the same time.

Muira Puama: This bark powder can boost your inflammatory responses and testosterone production. The anti-inflammatory properties of this natural component will reduce your muscle problems and help you recover faster.

Historically, it has been used as an energy tonic for improving physical capacities. Its role in improving the male hormone is widely noted and you will find this very ingredient in several male potency enhancing supplements.

Longjack: It is a common ingredient in athletic boosters. It boosts your T levels and immunityIt stimulates the production of endogenous testosterone and reduces metabolically inactive testosterone molecules. As a result, it increases your muscle mass and accelerates fat loss to get your maximum strength gains.

Its immunity-boosting capacity will keep your body healthy and promote faster recovery. Hence, you will no longer need to skip your workout days for recovery.

The Hugging Benefits of YKBulk

YKBULK Benefits
  • Legal YK-11 SARM Alternative: The item is a legal alternative to YK-11 SARM. The components in the product are safe and do not require prescriptions for purchase. You can buy this legal version of the super-SARM directly through the official Brutal Force website.

  • Maximum muscle gains: The natural components included in the product boosts your hormone levels naturally for muscle gains. It accelerates your muscle building, fat burning and recovery time.

  • Extreme strength: Your energy levels get boosted with the item and provide you extreme strength. Your muscles and bones get stronger, thereby enabling you to push more weight without weakening your muscles.

  • Push for longer: Consistent energy production, especially during your workout sessions, will boost your energy levels to another level. Muscle gets more energy, and you can push more weight for longer. In addition, the boost in cognitive activities will keep you in focus, thereby helping you to concentrate better on your workouts.

  • Faster recovery: The anti-inflammatory elements and immunity-boosting components will help your muscles stay more vital for more extended periods. The muscle fibers get more nutrient supplies to stay healthy and recover faster. Improved blood circulation and better muscle control will enhance your responses and help you work out more with minimal injuries.

Why choose YKBulk over YK11 Myostatin or other Similar Bulking supplements?

YKBulk is a natural alternative to YK11 Myostatin inhibitor.

  • It improves your T levels, muscle growth, fat burning, and recovery without causing any side effects.
  • The probably side effects of the SARM mentioned earlier are completely eliminated with the quality ingredient composition of the product.
  • While other bulking supplements focus on replicating the impact of YK11, this item gives you other added benefits like an immunity boost and better anti-inflammatory responses.
  • You can focus more on the workouts for an even longer duration without getting tired or injured.
  • In addition, the 100 days money-back guarantee is available only with this Brutal Force YKBulk.

To Avoid YK11 Dangers and associated Risks, Click Here Add YKBULK to your Cart, exclusively from the Official Website, by Brutal Force.

Does YKBulk have any Side Effects?

No, YKBulk does not cause any side effects. The main advantage of the product over the SARMs like YK 11 and other similar products in the market is its controlled effects on general health. The natural element in the mixture causes no side effects even at higher doses than are present in the item. Thus, it allows you to reach your true strength and muscular potential without compromising health.

What are the Safety levels followed by YKBulk?

This safe YK11 alternative is manufactured with utmost precision. The FDA registered, and GMP certified manufacturing facilities follow all safety protocols of daily dietary supplements as per FDA. The quality of the ingredients is evaluated at different stages to ensure quality and safety.

Most SARMs are not legal for regular use, especially the YK11 Myostatin Inhibitor. You cannot purchase them without prescriptions. But YKBulk is a 100 percent safe and legal alternative for YK11. Its purchase is legal and easy. It can produce all the benefits of the SARM compound without causing any adverse effects. You can place your order directly at the website and get it shipped for free.

Will YKBulk work for me and its dosage?

The Brutal Force products are developed based on several scientific studies. The elements in the item are scientifically proven to produce the said benefits without causing any side effects. Furthermore, the doses are formulated in such a way that the product works on every man over 18 years of age to produce the best results despite their physique.

Taking three capsules daily with water 20 minutes before your first meal of the day will get you all the product’s benefits. A monthly supply bottle of YKBulk will contain 90 capsules. It is recommended to use for a minimum of 2 months regularly both on workout and non-workout days for best results.

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How to increase the efficiency of YKBulk?

Improving the efficiency of YKBulk does not include any dosage change. But following a suitable bodybuilding-friendly diet and exercise program will improve the rate of muscle growth, fat burning, and recovery. And make sure to follow the recommended dose on both workout and non-workout days as it will make your bodybuilding quick and easy.

Is YKBulk sold on Amazon, GNC, Walmart or other Health Stores? 

No, no products from Brutal force are sold through Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or any other stores. You can place your order of YKBULK only at the official website and get it delivered for free. Buying it directly from the website will get you the original product at a lower sale price with free shipping and a 100-day money-back guarantee.

Whereas, buying it from a third party site will cost you additional middlemen charges, shipping charges. So, to avoid forgery, theft, and fake products, place an order directly through YKbulk official platform.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy To Make YK11 your Muscle Building Mentor

100% Money back Guarantee
  1. Legal alternative: The super-SARM alternative is entirely legal around the world. You do not require special permissions or prescriptions for its purchase and use.

  2. Easy to use: SARM administration requires needles and injections. YKBulk is an easy-to-use product that comes in capsule form. You do not need assistance for administration or prick yourself with needles to use it. It is as simple as taking any other capsules like your daily vitamins.

  3. Frequent offers: The official website frequently offers discount prices for the product. You can buy even three bottles at the cost of two!

  4. Free delivery: YKBulk from Brutal Force is eligible for free shipping worldwide. You don’t have to pay extra for the shipping. Wherever you are, you can buy it at a discounted price and get it shipped for no extra cost.

  5. 100 days money-back guarantee: The product comes with an industry-leading money-back guarantee valid for 100 days. You can use it for the recommended period, and if the results are not satisfactory, you can send the unopened bottles back and get your full money refund.

What is the Price of YKBulk?

 Retail PriceDiscounted Price
Buy 1:$79.99$45.99
Buy 2 + Get 1 Free:$239.97$91.98
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I have tried a few dietary supplements before purchasing YKBulk. None of them worked as they claim. But with YKBULK by my side I could feel the energy during my workouts, even from the first week. This item gives positive energy to focus on my workouts and build my muscles.
-Steve Johnson, USA

YKBulk is one of a kind product. I could build my muscles, feel more energy, and get my recovery rate faster all with this one single product. I got amazing results with two months’ use of this product than several other products I combined for each of the mentioned purposes before.
Justin Anthony, Canada

I got three bottles of YKBulk at the price of two. That too with free shipping and a money-back guarantee. The product is terrific. I could rip my fat easily and get some clean cut muscles in just a few months! Thanks to Brutal Force.
Simon Carter, New Zealand

I was the first one to use YKBulk in my gym. I got quicker and better results compared to everyone following the same diet and exercise program at the gym. After seeing the amazing results, now all my friends are using this super-sarm alternative.
Karen Andrews, Australia

I have tried purchasing a similar product from an American manufacturer before. It cost so much and I was asked to pay extra for shipping. But YKBulk felt more cost-effective in all aspects. The product is amazing. I feel motivated every day to keep pushing more weight seeing the results. I am literally crazy about it.
-Peter Nigel, UK

Buy BrutalForce YKBULK Online


YKBulk from Brutal Force is a natural daily dietary supplement that increases muscle bulk, bone strength, energy, and recovery. This natural alternative to YK11 Myostatin is entirely safe and legal. You do not require prescriptions for its purchase. You can buy it directly from the official website and get it delivered for free, the biggest bonus.

The natural components in the mix are scientifically proven to produce bodybuilding and workout benefits. It increases your T level and enhances muscle fiber production. In addition, its nutrient components will boost your energy, immunity, and recovery. When combined with the fat-burning effects of the product, it is one of the best bodybuilding supplements and the No. #1 YK11 SARM alternative in the market. And last but not least, with its 100-day money-back guarantee, you can claim your money back if the results don’t meet your expectations within 100 days of daily use.

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