Ever thought about giving your cells the optimum nutrition that it potentially requires for maximum performance and vitality?

The present review aims to analyze the Performance Lab Omega-3 supplement from every conceivable perspective. As we begin to evaluate why and how exactly this supplement ranks among the top Omega-3 supplements in the industry presently now, we’ll be having to pay special attention to all the ingredients, the specific constituents, and even the pricing that is offered by the Performance Lab. Therefore, now alongside covering the basics, let’s take a proper look at the Performance Lab’s Omega-3 supplement as staunchly as we possibly can.

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Omega 3: The Accurate Nutrition Boost to Your Cellular Functions

Performance Lab Omega-3 Review

As previously said, the brand includes a broad variety of supplements, featuring protein supplements that can be used to replace meals, pre-workout supplements, multivitamins, and much more than you can imagine. The entire supplement collection of Performance Lab including its champion Omega 3 here, is vegan-friendly, and the spectrum of products they offer is designed to suit your nutritional objectives with clean and simple components and ingredients that are all organic and tested.

The Omega-3 supplement from Performance Lab is a quick and substantial method to enhance your Omega-3 consumption. Although fish oil is indeed a common element for Omega-3 supplements, Performance Lab’s composition is indeed extremely unique. It has a completely plant-based recipe with algae-derived “ultraclean” Omega-3s, therefore, making it all organic and natural. This indicates that such a supplement is completely vegan-friendly, making it extremely different from several other Omega-3 supplements as it is not the situation with several of the most popular Omega-3 supplements.

The Performance Lab’s Omega-3 arrives in a container containing 60 soft gels all in the form of Nutri-Gels that is more than enough for a complete 30-day period if taken twice per day as it has been recommended and suggested. Therefore, now that we’ve reviewed several of the essential details concerning this supplement, we should take a closer look at all the ingredient descriptions as elaborated in the sections below. Omega-3 fatty acids improve the function of cellular membranes throughout the body, particularly in our brain, eyes, and even our respiratory and cardiovascular systems. 

However, Omega-3 rich seafood and other alternative fish oil supplements could very well cause an annoying aftertaste, fish burps, fuel our body with toxic substances and various unavoidable contamination issues, and as well as cause quite a lot of environmental harm by depleting the global fish stocks. Whereas Performance Lab Omega 3 ensures secure, pure, and long-lasting DHA+EPA Omega-3s chain molecules by using only natural ingredients such as Algae thereby supporting the ecosystems in large.

Hence, the combination of Performance Lab’s Omega 3 and Life’s Omega Algal Oil delivers greater DHA+EPA advantages and that too without the use of any of the limitations of fish oil and all the difficulties that come with it.

How does Omega 3 scientifically deliver all the brilliance it claims to?

Including the Ultra-Modern Style Omega-3s, fatty acids are derived entirely from plants. Natural algae are used to create a clean, safe, and effective alternative to fish oils. In precise, potent dosages are designed to suit our needs. Toxins and pollutants also haven’t tainted it and alongside that there is also a guarantee of no whatsoever fishy scent or stink like most fish oil supplements.

  • 1100 mg Total Omega-3 fatty acids
  • 300 mg EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)
  • 300 mg DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)
  • 5 mcg Vitamin D3 (natural)

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are long-chain fatty acids molecules that serve in cell membrane fluidity, absorption, and overall efficiency. The functions of these chained reactions are:

  • Cell Membrane Permeability: Cell membranes preserve high permeability, enabling helpful molecules to enter while pushing detrimental molecules away.

  • Cell-to-Cell Connectivity: Cellular membranes receptors communicate with their microenvironment, transmitting and receiving various neurotransmitters and hormone impulses, among other advantages.

  • Immunological transduction: Cell membranes aid in the formation and management of signaling molecules and catalysts that influence the immunological functions of the individual.

Omega 3 also enhances several organs and bodily processes at once by creating and improving cellular components. Scientific evidence supports the advantages of the DHA+EPA chain catering to a variety of roles such as:

  • It assists in enhancing the functioning of our cardiovascular health.
  • It supports various important immunological functions that one needs regularly.
  • It helps in enhancing the quality and all the respective functions of our brain health.
  • It also promotes muscle health and helps in the growth and enhancement of lean muscle mass.
  • Several ingredients employed in this Omega 3 supplement help in enhancing our mood states and supports various cognitive functions.
  • It helps in delivering proper joint lubrication that in turn promotes joint comfort.
  • Alike various Omega 3 supplements, this too helps in supporting our eye health.
  • Performance Lab Omega 3 also helps in supplying strength to our bones and increases our respective bone density.

Omega 3 by the Performance Lab is an algae-based Omega-3 supplement of exceptional quality. It aids in the maintenance of cell membranes, particularly those from the heart, eyes, and brain. It also aids in the avoidance of frequent problems associated with fish oil capsules, such as intaking pollutants from fish caught in polluted water, and the extinction of marine animals. Performance Lab has devised a brilliant solution by obtaining its EPA+DHA Omega-3s straight from the primary organic source which is Algae. As a consequence, Performance Lab’s Omega 3 provides a high-potency DHA+EPA chain reaction that would be far more ecologically sustainable than other conventional fish oil supplements.

What are the active ingredients used in the Performance Lab Omega 3?

  • Algal Oil:
    Algal oil is a kind of oil derived from sea Algae. Algal oil, just like fish oil, is a source of high-quality protein. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosatetraenoic acid (ECA) are some of the most essential omega-3 fatty acids found in algal oil (EPA). Algal oil is a kind of oil that is employed in both food and medicine. Consuming a few tablespoons of oleic acid-rich algal oil every day through this supplement might aid in preventing various cardiovascular diseases.

    However, research suggests that high blood pressure, cholesterol, and other issues like Hyperlipidemia are also monitored and controlled because of this ingredient.  Consuming DHA-rich algal oil may help decrease blood fats known as triglycerides. Rising lipoprotein cholesterol also commonly referred to as “Good Cholesterol” may as well be increased due to Algal Oil.
  • Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids:
    Omega-3 fatty acids are widely considered as among the most effective and reliable sources of lipids for lowering inflammatory responses. It may also help in preventing the associated risks with chronic disorders. Increased triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels have been related to a higher risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular attacks. Omega-3 fatty acids, on the other contrary, have been found to increase cardiovascular health and the general wellbeing of blood vessels by improving nitric oxide absorption. Even in those who have never had a heart attack or a stroke, omega-3 fatty acids lessen the chance of heart disease consequences including sudden cardiac arrests, heart problems, or even strokes. In people with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, it also impacts and controls blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and glycosylated hemoglobin.
  • DHA:
    Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is indeed an omega-3 fatty molecule that is important for brain development during the prenatal period and even youth. It’s also associated with a healthier heart, clearer eyesight, and a lower inflammatory reaction that is often favorable for us. This long-chain lipid acid is present in cellular membranes all over the body and contributes to the transmission of nerve impulses.

    Omega-3 fatty acid consumption has been designed to control blood cholesterol and enhance our cardiovascular health by lowering many cardiovascular stress indicators. According to research, taking adequate omega-3 fatty acids like DHA daily through Omega 3 supplementation can help prevent heart diseases of various kinds. DHA has also been associated with a reduction of bodily aggravation. A variety of age-related chronic conditions are linked to inflammation.

    DHA supplementation reduced the symptoms of arthritis in various scientific studies. Decreased inflammation could also decrease your chances of cardiovascular risk, as it is directly connected to high cholesterol.
  • EPA:
    Eicosatetraenoic acid (EPA) is an omega-3 fatty acid molecule long-chain present in cold-water fish such as salmon and tuna in combination with Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). EPA facilitates the healing process, lowers plasma triglyceride levels, and contains anti-inflammatory properties which could relieve pain and inflammation. EPA is a triglyceride-lowering significant supplement approved by the US’s Food and Drug Administration. Individuals use EPA as a supplement itself to help with cardiovascular diseases, prevent regular issues like inflammation, and even depression. It’s mostly used for chemotherapy-related adverse effects, hypertension, surgical healing, and a multitude of other things, thereby making this ingredient a whole supplement in itself for its multiple benefits.

    Triglyceride levels in the blood are abnormally high in some people, giving rise to a common condition called Hypertriglyceridemia. In those with exceptionally elevated triglyceride levels, consuming an EPA supplement orally decreases it by a considerable amount.
Performance Lab Omega-3 Ingredients

What are the various benefits that are that accompanied by the Performance Lab Omega 3?

Brain Health:

Higher Omega-3 consumption and blood levels have been given several advantages: 

  • Anybody with normal age-related cognitive deficits has also pretty much benefited from improved cognitive and psychological health.

  • Even in those with no severe cognitive impairments, this supplement has substantially helped in improving concentration, better speed of processing, and even enhanced memory capacities

  • Individuals who consume a significant amount of DHA-rich supplementation have a cheerful and healthy mood.

Performance Lab’s Omega-3 is a must-have for just about any cognitive supplement routine, providing the basic DHA+EPA assistance for optimal brain functioning at the peak of your regular tasks.

Eye Health:

Omega-3s are building blocks for eye development. Researchers have suggested that DHA may help to:

  •  Protect the retina and improve the outlook on age-related macular health.

  •  Maintain the functions of Rhodopsin, a compound that enables low-light vision.

  •   Ease dry eye discomfort by supporting tear film integrity and soothing tear gland irritation.

Performance Lab’s Omega 3 promotes a range of bioactivities associated with visual performance, eye comfort, and long-range eye health.

Cardiovascular Health:

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most researched micronutrients for coronary health and our overall cardiac health that we all highly depend on. DHA+EPA may aid in various functions like:

  • It directly helps in improving heart rate stability, blood circulation, and vasculature elasticity, according to studies that have been conducted. 

  •  It manages our triglyceride concentrations in the body that are always supposed to be within acceptable limits for proper functioning. 

  • It also controls our blood pressure, as that too is required to be within the standard parameters.

Several FDA-qualified cardiovascular health assertions have resulted from an extensive research study on Omega 3 fatty acids DHA+EPA long-chain molecule:

  •  Intake of EPA and DHA Omega-3 unsaturated fats could lower the incidence of coronary heart disease, also known as CHD, according to a preliminary study.

  • Combining EPA and DHA in your diet can subsequently decrease blood pressure and help reduce the risk of hypertension, which is one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease also commonly referred to as coronary heart disease.

Muscular Enhancement:

Professionals consume Omega-3s for a lot of unavoidable purposes. Omega 3 by Performance Lab, particularly due to its EPA concentration, may well have pro-anabolic/anti-catabolic characteristics in musculature, according to studies. Omega-3 fatty acids like Performance Lab Omega 3, according to science, might very well assist you with:

  •  It helps in boosting muscle protein synthesis (MPS) which further helps in sustaining skeletal and muscular structure.

  •  It also helps in improving our respective muscle function and helps in developing fatigue resistance for athletes and professionals who require a lot of energy. 

  •   When consumed following an exertion task, it serves to lessen exercise-induced muscle damage and soreness, thereby making you fit for a prolonged session. 

Omega-3 fatty acids could also help promote joint health and bone strength. Furthermore, Performance Lab Omega-3 may assist to relieve soreness and stiffness in people who have joint problems by preserving bone mass density, reducing inflammation, and so on, according to studies.

Quality Assurance and Tested Ingredients:

Omega 3 by Performance Lab carries the brand value of a very well-known Performance Lab trademark by Opti Nutra Ltd. It safeguards its customers with the highest level of reliability and a range of unique and high-quality commodities. You’ll also find several genuine comments, which will undoubtedly confirm your enthusiasm for the products sold by the brand. It also offers a 30-days money-back assurance as well as low delivery costs.

Whilst the alternatives to Omega 3 are quite a few…. Why should we still settle for Performance Lab Omega 3?

Following performing extensive studies about, upon, and around omega-3s, it can be confidently stated that the Performance Lab Omega-3 Supplement is among the finest, commercially available vegan-friendly omega-3 one can find.

  • Their dedication and enthusiasm for developing this product with just the purest and tested form of vegan-friendly ingredients are unsurpassed.

  • Nutri-gels are used surfacing the ultramodern design, which has various nutritional advantages.

  • The brand is were capable of developing the very first plant-based replacement to fish oil by employing non-GMO ocean algae, which is a clean, powerful, and organic omega-3 source.

  • Also, the supplement has been manufactured in a properly equipped enclosed environment and facilities that are approved by the FDA using patented processing.

  • The inherent 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA is quickest for the body to process and absorb to its fullest, because of the excellent quality of all the ingredients employed in the supplement.

Plenty of other omega-3 supplements have artificial and far less advantageous ratios, which are used to calibrate them. Primarily EPA (300mg) alongside DHA (100mg) are found in combination in Performance Lab Omega 3 supplement. It is indeed worth noting that EPA and DHA have higher health advantages than various other fish oil supplements, so if you’re concerned about ALA not being listed in the components, you’re not losing out on anything. Several omega-3 dietary products and supplements promote DHA and EPA as perhaps the most recommended fatty acids and Omega 3 assures you the support of both of these benefitting ingredients.

Performance Lab Omega 3, on the other hand, has a slew of health advantages. It is known to be beneficial to both our heart and brain health among the many other health benefits it could provide. It can often be lauded for how it promotes your eye and cognitive health too alongside balancing your overall mood states.

Algae best Source of Omega-3

For peak biological performance try the Omega-3 by Performance Lab from its exclusive Official Website.

What are the safety levels that are supposed to be looked after with Omega 3 by the Performance Lab?

Performance Lab Omega 3 is no exception to the supplement industry and it is no magical whim, to begin with as there are some very minor precautionary steps that you have to consider while you are taking this supplementation.

  • There is the fore-mentioned dosage that comes with the labeling of Performance Lab Omega 3 and you should follow up with the dosage prescribed if you want to expect the results advertised by the brand to you.
  • You are also advised against intaking Performance Lab Omega 3 with any other medication or if you are consistently undergoing any serious illness.

Are there any side effects of Performance Lab Omega 3?

Pathogenic amounts in certain fish oil products can be substantially high, including PCBs, heavy metals like mercury. Omega-3s derived from fish, on the other hand, have several significant negative environmental impacts. But Performance Lab’s Omega 3 eliminates all these usual risks by receiving their omega-3 extracts from Algal, which is both environmentally sustainable, gentle, and effective on our overall health. As a consequence, you may rest confident that Performance Lab Omega 3 will not bring you any negative impacts or any other difficulties that you can think of.

Are there any ways in which you can enhance the advantages you derive from the Omega-3 supplement by the Performance Lab?

Well, yes!! There are multiple ways in which you can enhance all the advantages you derive out of Performance Lab Omega 3.

  1. The basic ways which might be pretty well known to you are ways in which you can promote a healthier lifestyle by avoiding junk of several kinds such as unhealthy food, alcohol, smoking, or substance abuse of any sort, etc.
  2. You can also adopt some extra additional doable healthy measures like gymming, jogging, maintaining a healthy metabolic rate, and so on.
  3. However, one of the best possible ways to enhance the effectiveness of this supplement is stacking it up with other supplements from the Performance Lab that also fits the purpose in various additional ways.

Is Performance Lab Omega 3 legal and free of marketing gimmicks?

Yes, this supplement backing the brand value of Performance Lab is backed with various scientific testing certifications and assures the use of absolute non-GMO ingredients. Omega 3 has also been manufactured in both cGMP and FDA-approved facilities thereby assuring all sorts of quality guarantees. Performance Lab believes in valuing the truth and thereby discloses every piece of detail associated with the ingredient list and working science of this supplement.

Dosage Recommended for Daily Use:

Consume 2 NutriGels daily, preferably before intaking the first square meal of the day.

Recommended Dosage of Performance Lab Omega-3

Do you get a free trial with Performance Lab Omega 3?

No, the brand does not promote such scamming practices leading to fraudulent and misleading adventures. To understand for yourself how good this supplement is you are required to purchase the supplement at least one time and decide for yourself. You are however supported with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you face dissatisfaction.

Do you get Performance Lab Omega 3 in GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon?

No, you can only purchase this vegan-friendly Omega 3 through the official website of Performance Lab and this is only to safeguard you against misleading practices like forgery, theft, false products, fake testimonials, middle-man charges, and so on.

Buy Performance Lab Omega-3 Online

5 reasons to make up your mind for Performance Lab Omega 3!!!

  1. A clean, strong, and organic Performance Lab Omega-3 supplement derived from non-GMO ocean Algal.

  2. Manufactured in the United States employing unique fermentation in indoor facilities approved by cGMP and FDA.

  3. The only organic and vegan-friendly fish oil substitute with high quantities of DHA and EPA.

  4. With Performance Lab Omega 3, there is also no need to incorporate additional DHA+EPA supplementation because it is organically balanced in a 2:1 ratio.

  5. It is highly environmentally friendly as it has no effect on the world’s fish population and has a very minimal carbon footprint.

What is the Price of Performance Lab Omega-3?

 Discount Price
Buy 1:$49.00
Buy 2:$98.00
Buy 3 + Get 1 FREE:$147.00
Where to Buy Performance Lab Omega-3?Visit the Performance Lab Official Website to Buy Omega-3 Supplement.


Rondel Dicken (Ohio, USA):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I haven’t been a big fan of fish, but since I turned vegan, I’ve got more and more mindful with my diet. The Performance Lab Omega 3 seems to be quite a value than I anticipated, and it slides through my tongue into my stomach smoothly and causes no fish burps or stomach problems.”

Tito Corleone (Sydney, Australia):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My vision has primarily improved. I have better vision and better glare reduction. Without my glasses, words are apparent.”

Sammy Turner (Wellington, New Zealand):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“My typical toe swelling has lessened, and my muscle cramping has vanished too entirely. I have also noticed a decline in inflammation and soreness in my knee joints, rendering it to be easier to handle. Thanks, Performance Lab Omega-3 for the extra support”

Jessica Villin (Hamilton, Canada):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I’ve been taking Performance Lab Omega-3 for a while now and I really think it’s helped my immune system. I used to get sick all the time, but since I’ve been taking these supplements, I hardly ever get sick. Plus, they help keep my skin looking good too!”

Amanda Eaton (Caloocan, Philippines):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I’m a big fan of omega-3 supplements for cognitive function. I’ve tried a few different brands, and Performance Lab Omega-3 is by far my favorite. The capsules are easy to swallow and don’t have any fishy aftertaste. I’ve been taking them for about a month now, and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my cognitive function. I’m able to focus better and think more clearly.”

Jose Tan (Woodlands, Singapore):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I’ve been taking Performance Lab Omega-3 for a while now, and I’ve noticed a big difference in my immune system. I used to get sick all the time, but now I hardly ever catch a cold. Looks like omega-3s in this supplement have really boosted my immune responses.”


Performance Lab Omega 3 is surely one of the premium supplements produced entirely of algae-derived Omega-3s from nature. Performance Lab gets its Omega-3s straight from microalgae, unlike most other Omega-3 supplements that are out there selling in the market. As a consequence, a far healthier, safer, and more efficacious fish oil substitute in an accurate and strong dosage is pushed into this vegan-friendly supplement. The coolest thing about Performance Lab Omega-3 is that by eliminating the middle man, or in this instance, the fish, they also eliminate the awful fishy odor and stench closely correlated with most fish oils omega-3 supplements.

To get your hands on the best plant-based alternative to Fish Oils for your daily Omega-3 needs, visit the Performance Lab Omega-3 Website.

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