Performance Lab Vision: Don’t let Bad Vision happen to you!

Been wondering what causing the daily strain on the side of the head? Or have you been pondering over the advantages that Performance Lab Vision has in its bag for you? As we belong to this generation of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, you’ll find yourself spending hours looking at a screen, doing those necessary job duties, accompanied by a full-length session of multiplayer gaming or binge-watching that current favorite Netflix series. However, the negative consequences of being exposed to a lot of constant screen time are widely known, and your health status is sure to deteriorate inevitably.

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The real difficulty comes to the surface, as for many individuals throughout the world limiting screen time is inevitable, particularly if it is a significant component of their profession. Accordingly, there would come a moment when the functions of your eyes will deteriorate and your eyesight will not seem to be as excellent as it previously was.

However, our eyes are responsible for approximately 80% of what we see, making them extremely valuable. Undoubtedly, our eyeballs are nothing more than portals to the surrounding world, and we must constantly strive to treat them with great attention. Prolonged exposure to the bright light and contrasting glares from a desktop, smartphone, or television screen can cause fatigue, vision problems, twofold vision, depth perception, and even dry and irritable eyes, among other issues.

So, do you want to face such problems with a solid solution? Then go nowhere but to the Performance Lab Vision, a premium vision supplement that shall make a significant impact in terms of improving your general eye health and obtaining crystal-clear visual acuity.

Performance Lab Vision: Rehabilitate and Safeguard Your Vision With The Necessary Nutrition It Needs 

Performance Lab Vision Review

Performance Lab Vision specializes in increasing your respective eye health care and your overall vision efficiency for everyone who requires the highest degree of focus efficiency, motion detection, night vision, and other day-to-day vision enhancements. Performance Lab Vision supplement promotes both active visual acuity and long-term eye health owing to all the NutriGenesis ingredients that are employed in the supplement including FloraGLO Lutein and Zeaxanthin Plus (organic extracts of bilberry), Blackcurrant, and even Saffron.

Ensuring simple absorption and thorough uptake, this supplement is delivered in prebiotic-infused and vegan-friendly Nutri-Caps produced from Pullulan which in other words are known as fermented Tapioca. With nothing more than a single daily pill, you can improve your eyesight and protracted eye health. Consumption of Performance Lab Vision alongside your first meal each day, preferably with an appropriate source of healthy fat sources will boost its efficiency even more. According to Performance Lab, its Vision boosting supplement is tested to be 100% organic and an all-inclusive vision improvement aid that is meant to safely sustain retinal pigment for high-resolution vision, brightness reduction, and even flash healing.

It’s also said to assist with night vision, detection of eye motion, contrast adjustment, and dark adaptability, making it easier for both your eyes to adjust to the nighttime. It shall also improve eye reaction time, responsiveness, and kinaesthetic awareness, which is one of the main reasons for the product’s popularity among gaming enthusiasts. Furthermore, it is encouraged to higher effectiveness since it aids in the reduction of visual discomfort, screen-induced visual stress, and even age-related vision impairment. To maintain your overall visual efficiency and safeguard your eyes from bright sunlight and display glare, all you should do is take this vision enhancer regularly by maintaining the effective dosage that is prescribed. 

All your first-time purchases of every Performance Lab item, including this vision enhancer, are protected by the 30-day performance security, which includes a full 30-day cash return guarantee. Performance Lab Vision is also delivered at the doorstep for all of you with extremely nominal delivery costs. 

What is the scientific explanation behind the working of Performance Lab Vision? 

The list of elements comprising Nutri-Genesis which are used in this optic protector contributes to the supplement’s effectiveness. Zeaxanthin and Lutein are also indeed the finest natural and plant-based nutrients for improving both visual quality and overall durable eye health, according to researchers. They function by spreading spontaneously to the macula of the retina, which is the core region of the retina highly important for strong and clear-cut vision. It also works by establishing a macular pigmentation, which can be referred to as a defensive yellow surface that encases the retina and accumulates photoreceptor-damaging blue light-emitting rays.

Finally, because Lutein and Zeaxanthin are indeed the principal antioxidants that safeguard retinal health and even lens clarity, it works by reinforcing our natural eye’s defensive capabilities instead of stimulating our eyes with chemical stimulants under the umbrella of efficiency. The presence of Lutein and Zeaxanthin maintains and preserves strong macular pigmentation while also supporting numerous optical capabilities primarily involving visual acuities, such as crystal-clear and high-resolution vision along with the capacity to perceive forms and sharpness from a far-off range. It also excels in glare recuperation, allowing you to restore vision more quickly after being blinded by the sunlight, spotlights, headlights, or even a digital screen.  

Furthermore, the NutriGenesis ingredients employed in Performance Lab Vision support contrast enhancement, which comprises distinguishing bright and dark hues for object sighting/tracking in challenging environments such as low light conditions, fog, haze, etc. Lutein has been demonstrated to increase Macular Pigment Ocular Density (MPOD) by approximately 36% among those with macular degeneration. An increased MPOD is associated with a better visual experience in every aspect concerned. 

Vision supplement by the Performance Lab also has FloraGLO, which is a non-GMO marigold flower extract that has been tested in over 80 human research studies. FloraGLO is indeed the number one lutein supplement that is also tested to be both safe and effective. The strong NutriGenesis combination of Anthocyanins and C3G in Performance Lab’s Vision’s Blackcurrant extracts also aids eyesight by promoting darkness tolerance, which results in improved night vision and quicker adaption to low light surroundings. It also improves eye signaling speed, which aids in the retina-to-brain transmission needed for elevated and accurate vision and quicker response time.

Therefore, it is pretty evident that the Performance Lab Vision supplement performs solely based on all the quality organic ingredients employing the NutriGenesis advantages that construct the supplement for what it’s worth.  

Learn how the Performance Lab Vision is potent enough to boost both short and long range eye health!

Let’s get to a detailed study of all the significant ingredients employed in the Performance Lab Vision: 

  1. NutriGenesis Blend of Lutein and Zeaxanthin:
    The combination of these ingredients is recognized to improve visual efficiency while maintaining eye health by blocking the adverse effects of the known HEVR (High Energy Visible Radiation), which refers to the type of light reflected by smartphones, desktops, laptops, and various other electronic devices. According to Performance Lab Vision’s capability, the Zeaxanthin and Lutein in this specific composition build a preventative yellow shell or coating that absorbs and mitigates the blue lightwhile also screening out the dangerous blue light rays once they are about to reach the macula. This ingredient blend is an expert to bring in these advantages,
    • Optic Accuracy: The ability to see minute details very well at a range by generating high-resolution eyesight. 
    • Brightness Restoration: This allows for rapid eyesight functional recovery after any kind of flash blindness caused by headlights, the sun, or screens. 
    • Increased Resistance to High Contrast and Saturation: Reduces excessive contrast detection of fine intensities in both light and dark, particularly monitoring motion dexterity in low-light and foggy backgrounds. 
    • Visual Impairment Issues That Come with Age: Clinical evidence shows that the retinal pigmentation support provided by Lutein and Zeaxanthin may safeguard eyesight against macular degeneration that comes with age.  

  2. European Blackcurrant Extracts:
    Black currant is a crucial ingredient employed in the Performance Lab’s Vision booster. Anthocyanins, which are found in black currant extracts, are majorly effective and have various antioxidant properties. One of these anthocyanins contains C3G (Cyanidin-3-Glucoside), a purple plant pigmentation component that aids in the regeneration of Rhodopsin, a molecule that stimulates night vision. 

    The anthocyanins and C3G work in conjunction with each other to improve eyesight and promote healthier blood circulation to the retina. They also assist with quality vision by doing the aforementioned:
    • Adaptability To Darkness: Improves night vision by allowing for quicker low-light adjustment.
    • Enhanced Retina To Brain Communication: Optimizing retina-to-brain transmission for high-speed eyesight and split-second response time.
    • It also facilitates in reducing retinal fatigue thereby assisting in providing clear-cut vision. 

  3. European Bilberry Extract:
    Bilberries have a robust network of even more than 15 dark-purple Anthocyanosises, notably comprising higher C3G for Rhodopsin support, which helps to boost the antioxidant properties in Blackcurrants. Bilberry micronutrients are believed to protect and nurture our eye capillaries and even make them flexible, allowing blood to flow freely to the eyeball for optimal optical performance and visual acuity. Performance Lab Vision exclusively employs Bilberry extract from wild-grown bilberries that have been concentrated to provide at least 25% Anthocyanosises and it has been subsequently adapted to maintain nutritional purity.

  4. Saffron:
    Saffron is indeed a bright golden-red ingredient that is among the most costly exotic spices by volume. It’s made from Crocus blossoms and contains the antioxidants namely, Safranal and Crocin, which are yellow plant compounds. These antioxidants enhance blood circulation to the eyes by protecting the Macula and nourishing the retinal pigmentation. Therefore, this ingredient brings into action the following functions, thereby improving eye health and overall vision quality:
    • Motion Detection: Saffron helps to identify various fine motor motions accurately and quickly.
    • Bright light Adjustability: Saffron replenishes the macula, lessening light-emitting ray flashes and glare repercussions.

  5. Astaxanthin: 
    Astaxanthin is an effective antioxidant that can be obtained from algae and especially animals that eat algae. It is a pink-red Xanthophyll substance known for its antioxidant properties that have been found to boost blood circulation, oxygen uptake, and various eye-supporting micronutrients. Astaxanthin is thought to help maintain active and energetic eyesight while also reducing eye tiredness. To provide an efficient and environmentally friendly supplement of great integrity, Performance Lab Vision receives Astaxanthin from organic Haematococcus Pluvialis Algae, which itself is sustainably farmed in closely regulated conditions.
Performance Lab Vision Ingredients

What are the numerous advantages that you get out of Performance Lab Vision?

  • Prevents Constant Blue-Light Harm to Our Eye: The FloraGLO components in this product are expected to operate by producing a yellow-colored coating that serves to reduce the adverse effects of bright light. Clearly explained, they aid in the screening of the damaging blue light even before it reaches the macula and causes significant impairment.
  • Assures Enhanced Night Vision: It is now feasible to rebuild the nutrients that sustain night vision owing to all the extensive research that has been conducted to validate this supplement’s working.  Furthermore, Opti-Nutra’s range of NutriGenesis ingredients satisfies that demand by increasing the synthesis of a substance known as Rhodopsin. This is the material in your retina that is assumed to absorb light. Moreover, according to dozens of studies, this could also assist you to focus more clearer in the darkness.
  • Improved Motor Detection and Glare Reduction: If the communication mechanism between your brain cells and vision is poor, your visual processing performance will suffer as well. Performance Lab Vision is advertised as a workable alternative for motion detection, better response time, and improved kinaesthetic awareness, which makes it as positive as it can get. Saffron contains the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which feed the macular regions and minimize the brightness and glare-blinding properties of harmful blue light rays.
Performance Lab Vision Performance Promise
  • 30 Days Money-Back And Easy Returns: Performance Lab promises you to be so convinced in the quality that your first purchase of Performance Lab Vision comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find yourself to be not completely pleased with your outcomes within that time frame, send out an email to the ID that is mentioned on the website, thereby returning any used or unopened product, and the brand will promptly refund your all the money you paid for. However, without the shipping charges. All purchases are despatched the day of order itself or the next day at the latest and shipping charges are nominal as promised by the Performance Lab thereby putting all your worries to rest. 

When we all are aware of the other alternatives to Performance Lab Vision, why still hit the dart on Performance Lab Vision?

Performance Lab Vision is indeed a product from a reputable brand that claims to be more than a competitive vision booster that merely supports retinal wellness at every level. It contains beneficial nutrients that improve overall eye health, as well as accompanies various vision boosters that improve various performance-related capabilities including visual acuity, brightness control, reaction speed, attention speed, and even speedy detection of objects. At the very same while, the antioxidants it entails have all been proven to help in maintaining long-term macular integrity.

The Vision supplement by Performance Lab is supplied in the form of accessible and incredibly simple to swallow Nutri-Caps containing NutriGenesis ingredient constituents making them extremely ultraclean, organically infused with 100 percent prebiotic and plant-based capsules derived from pullulan which is also commonly referred to as fermented Tapioca. 

The significant deal breakers for this Performance Lab Vision supplement when opposed to its competitors are as follows:

  • Enhances various significant visual motion sensors, response time, and manual dexterity by supporting clear vision, brightness reduction, and speedy recovery from sudden flashes of light. 

  • Improves contrast tolerance and enables a proper and strain-less vision during the night.

  • Assists in reducing visual fatigue and cognitive strain caused by looking at the screens for long durations of time. 

  • The composition of this vision booster will help you obtain a competitive edge throughout all the regular eyesight-oriented tasks that you face and is repeatedly tested to be safe, organic, and pure.

  • It provides top-of-the-line and research-backed micronutrients enabling long-term retinal and macular health and wellness.

  • Several potent herbal antioxidating compounds that protect the eyes, entailing the additional advantages of NutriGenesis are employed in Performance lab Vision. 

  • FloraGLO Lutein and Zeaxanthin employed here are obtained from the organic Marigold and are trademarked and recommended as a supplement in itself for all its vision-boosting advantages. 

  • It aids in the protection of macular health from the destructive impacts of blue light-emitting rays.

  • Nutri-Caps obtained from the organic Pullulan that is plant-based and infused with prebiotics like fermented Tapioca are used to procure this supplement thereby making it vegan friendly and extremely safe. 

How can you maximize the benefits that we get out of Performance Lab Vision?

You may use this vision-supporting product with a variety of many other natural health supplements that Performance Lab offers to improve visual performance and clarity along with other aspects of health:

  • Stack Performance Lab Mind and Performance Lab Vision:
    Enhanced eye-sight is activated by vision, which aids in delicate motion detection as well as better retina-to-brain signaling pace. The Mind supplement by Performance Lab adds to all of these benefits by offering help for coherent comprehension under duress. Using Vision in conjunction with the Mind supplement will help enhance optimal performance in all tasks that need rapid cognitive effort, quick thinking, and crisp eyesight as required to be successful.
  • Stack Performance Lab Caffeine and Performance Lab Vision:
    Caffeine Balance B-Complex (Riboflavin, B6, Folate, B12), Natural Caffeine (from Coffea Robusta seeds), Sun theanine L-Theanine, and Ajipure L-Tyrosine are among some of the NutriGenesis elements that assist in raising Vision’s effectiveness. This combo aids in caffeinated activation that is regulated and optimized to an accurate caffeine dose contributing to a healthy neurotransmitter healing, and sometimes even B-Vitamin renewal. When layered simultaneously with Performance Lab Vision, it also boosts increased vitality and attentiveness thereby enhancing productivity amid overloading, tension, and tiredness, and also helps in speedier bounce-backs.
  • Stack Performance Lab Vision and Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Women or Men:
    Performance Lab Vision’s antioxidating phytonutrients are supplemented with critical requirements for proper healthy eyesight, like as Vitamin A which includes Retinol, C, E, and micronutrients like Zinc and Copper as included in NutriGenesis Multi for both Men and Women. Combining Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi and Vision together can help you gain additional nutrition and hydration required for strong direction and long-term visual acuity.

    Furthermore, bad habits such as tobacco, alcoholism, eating frequent junk food, and even fizzy refreshments should indeed be eschewed. It’s also a good idea to work out, eat healthily, follow a well-balanced meal plan, and engage yourself in some eye exercises

What are the precautionary levels of Performance Lab Vision?

When it comes to taking precautions for getting the utmost of this product you do not need to worry a lot as this is a completely tested and optimized supplement that helps in ensuring that you make the most out of your purchase. However, some minimal precautionary measures are ought to be practiced for a speedy and effective outcome.

  • This mainly includes maintaining the dosage prescribed to you
  • Not coupling this supplement with other ongoing medications, or not going too hard on yourself for experiencing this outcome because you will see the effect on your own once you just rely on the efficacy of this supplement.

Are there any side-effects of Performance Lab Vision?

No, Performance Lab Vision strictly contains ingredients that are tested and even entails ingredients comprising Nutri-Genesis. The supplement will have you experience no side effects as it is 100% organic and even free of gluten, soy, and allergens of any kind alongside being friendly to the vegans.

Is Performance Lab Vision legal?

Yes, as proven to be 100% organic and allergen-free, the Vision Supplement is completely hassle-free and legal to purchase and consume.

Daily Recommended Dosage:

1 Nutri capsule with the first meal daily that contains a potential source of fat.

Recommended Dosage of Performance Lab Vision

Do you get Performance Lab Vision on GNC, Amazon, Walmart, and Walgreens?

No, you will have to purchase Performance Lab Vision from the official website of the Performance Lab. Such measures have been taken to protect you from ongoing practices like middle-man charges, forgery, false products, etc.

Briefly, The Accurate Potion Your Vision Needs!!!

  1. Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and European Bilberry Extracts are among the natural and patented substances used. These ingredients work together to support healthier eyesight, faster reaction times, and less strain on the eyes.
  2. Herbal capsules are used, which your system can readily absorb and are healthy to consume for the long term, making the supplement friendly to vegans. 
  3. There are no confidential mixes, and all of the components and their dosages are visible and made completely transparent. 
  4. There are no GMO ingredients, toxic additives, or preservatives in this product. It has undergone rigorous trials to ensure safety and effectiveness.
  5. 30 days cash back warranty and also delivery costs that are extremely affordable to your pocket.
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What is the Price of Performance Lab Vision?

 Special Price
1 Box = 1 Month Supply$49.00
2 Boxes = 3 Months of Supply$98.00
3 Boxes + Get 1 Free = 4 Months of Supply$147.00


Richard Grey (New York, USA):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“What a fantastic purchase! When I was using it for three weeks, I saw a change. My eyes are much more flexible enough to adjust to stronger brightness and my eyesight is much clearer now. The Performance Lab Vision is a fantastic supplement to have in your everyday routine.”

Jordan Murray (Brisbane, Australia):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“It has made a massive difference in my hazy eyesight. I can easily watch or read my tablet for a long duration now than I could before using the vision booster.”

Alexa Collins (Tauranga, New Zealand):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“It makes the work week go by faster and easier without causing visual fatigue. Clerical work assignments might cause exhaustion and migraines, but because of Performance Lab Vision, I can just get through them relatively effortlessly. Blue-blocking spectacles don’t work enough wonders like this Vision supplement by Performance Lab.”

Wade Chen (Woodlands, Singapore):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I’m so glad I found Performance Lab Vision! I was having a lot of trouble with eye fatigue, and after using this product for a few weeks, the fatigue has completely disappeared. The capsules are easy to take, and they don’t have any taste. I’m definitely going to keep using them!”

Connie Ramos (Davao City, Philippines):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I used to suffer from blurred vision, but ever since I started using Performance Lab Vision, that has all changed. My vision is now crystal clear, and I no longer have to worry about it. This product is seriously a life saver, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to improve their vision.”

Kimberley Dixson (Toronto, Canada):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I used to get eye strain after working on the computer for a few hours, but not anymore since I’ve been using Performance Lab Vision. It’s really helped reduce the amount of eye strain I experience and has made working on the computer a lot more comfortable.”


However, our eyes are responsible for approximately 80% of what we see, making them extremely valuable. Undoubtedly, our eyeballs are nothing more than portals to the surrounding world, and we must constantly strive to treat them with great attention. Prolonged exposure to the bright light and light contrast from a desktop, smartphone, or television screen can cause fatigue, vision problems, twofold vision, depth perception, and even dry and irritable eyes, among other issues.

Hence, it is critical to maintain good eye health. Consider this: we employ our eyesight to operate at desktops, commute, watch Netflix, exercise, and quite much everywhere rather everywhere! Your eyesight, after all, is deserving of the type of sensitive nurturing care provided by Performance Lab Vision. That’s why experts believe that you should give it a try.

Buy Performance Lab Vision to enhance Optimal Eye Health, exclusively from its Official Website.

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