It’s All About Finding Out the One True Requisite for Your Speeding Brain!!!

Struggling between nootropic supplements like Mind Lab Pro, Prevagen, and so and so, we often find ourselves topsy-turvy in the whole process of selecting the one true mate for our brain. This entire procedure requires us to be extremely cautious to our needs and suitability which eventually help in being selective. These natural supplements have however been tested and verified to be safe and natural and therefore require no sort of Doctor’s prescription for purchase. Other than comparatively studying these two natural supplements, another underlying subset that we shall be analyzing in the paragraphs that follow is one ingredient that has been studied to be effective by various scientists, researchers, and even doctors to hold eminent nootropic properties, that is the Gingko Biloba.

Therefore, we shall begin this journey of exploring two nootropic supplements by understanding the edges and corners of this one natural substance Ginkgo Biloba, even though it has not been administered in these two supplements, but is superior in power than Gingko itself.

What do we know about the plant Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo Biloba Go Healthy West Piedmont Review

Ginkgo Biloba is a scarcely found tree that is popularized through its ancient use in traditional medicinal purposes by the Chinese culture. The tree has been used in several forms to treat a range of ailments such as the illness of the brain, heart, and even the lungs. Alongside being used as a popular source of medicine for Eastern Countries, the tree is currently available in many forms such as an herbal or an organic supplement.

There were several studies and researches that have been taken by various researchers which somewhat validates the extent to which this particular ingredient has been found useful, however a lot of that scientific data fails to justify various ways in which this ingredient particularly helps in preventing cognitive decline and memory loss.

Some researches indicate how this ingredient helps in improving our memory stores that often get affected by Dementia but the extents aren’t that strong or powerful as compared to other ingredients that are often infused in supplements. This plant extract has been declared to be completely safe but they do pose some restrictions on the person intaking for better and faster results.

What are the potential benefits of Ginkgo Biloba?

Several clinical trials have validated the healing properties that this ingredient has to offer when it comes to treating memory and cognitive decline leading to dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. It is also to be noted that this plant includes various ingredients that are tested to comprise various natural compounds that ultimately help in enhancing the blood circulation of the brain and the various mitochondrial functions that are extremely important for our overall brain functioning.

There exist pieces of information that suggest the usefulness of this ingredient in preventing memory failure and cognitive loss, such as the clinical guidelines established by the World Federation of Societies of Biological Guidelines indicate how this ingredient does somewhere help in treating Dementia but the masses were torn to conflict when the American Academy of Family Physician alongside the British Association of Psychopharmacology highlighted on the fact that how the various benefits coming out of Ginkgo Biloba were not that consistent and henceforth can’t be trusted enough.

It has also been established by scientists that this ingredient can be used as a standalone supplement that helps in increasing brain functioning and protecting the cells and neurons of our brain from facing neural damage. Scientific studies also suggest that this particular ingredient also helps in reducing anxiety and balancing various states of our mood that help in enhancing our overall performance in doing several tasks that stands to be an integral part of our respective lives.

What are various other Alternative Supplements to Enhance Brain Power besides Ginkgo that are ballyhooed because of their astonishing potency?

Although, like it was earlier said that too much far-fetching evidence to the fact on how Ginko Biloba helps in treating memory or cognitive damages was not really established, the ingredient was often indicated as one of the most effective plants used for treating brain disorders of various kinds.

Henceforth, we shall be reviewing some natural nootropic supplements composed of ingredients other than Ginkgo Biloba and analyzing the various proven facts that keep establishing their safety and effective outcomes. Nootropics in itself can be trisected into three different categories such as natural dietary supplements, synthetic compounds, or even hard drugs that have to be purchased with a prescription. We shall be reviewing two such natural nootropic supplements that do not contain any trace of Ginkgo Biloba but still perform miracles for the people consuming it.

Mind Lab Pro: An all-in-one Solution To Your Reeling Brain!

Mind Lab Pro Go Healthy West Piedmont Review

A supplement that astonishingly manages to cover all that we are looking for, in one singular pill. It is a natural nootropic supplement that has been crafted with ingredients that are thoroughly tested to be effective and particularly safe. The nootropic formula structuring the supplement has achieved universality as it has been put out by the brand itself.

It has also been studied by various scientists and researchers on how it contains no GMO ingredients or the ones that carry synthetic additives carrying several potentials of harming your health. Mind Lab Pro has also been proven to be free of gluten and caffeine, therefore you must not worry about sleepless nights and induced insomniac traits.

This soy-free supplement has also been verified to contain ingredients that do not contain any harmful additives and are also vegan-friendly. The supplement has also been repeatedly tested to be non-irradiated and free of substances that are banned by law and FDA. Also, the dosages of MindLab have been clinically tested to be safe and effective and do not contain any proprietary blends. The prime benefit that the product claims to restore for you is 100% Brain Power that is not only promised but assured to one and all who maintain the dosage and their valuable trust.

The 11 highly researched brain ingredients have been amalgamated into nutritional capsules called Nutricaps, which are in itself tested to be full of nutrients based on plants and henceforth is the safest nootropic in the market. This is one of the world’s first nootropic supplement that is considered to be universal and help people achieve dynamic brainpower alongside the productive and highly active form of lifestyles.

What are the various benefits of Mind Lab Pro?

  • The supplement has been verified by various studies and tests  to be one true natural nootropic that brings together a lot of tested and effective ingredients which in turn helps in optimizing our whole brain to achieve the peaks of productivity.
  • The scientific formula on which this supplement is structured has been made extremely adaptive in several layers so that it becomes suited to our daily needs that keep on getting challenging.
  • The supplement also ensures all standards of quality since it involves tested ingredients that are free of GMO, Gluten, Caffeine, or any sort of preservative that carries harm to your brain or overall health.
  • One of the primary notions for this supplement is to achieve 100% brain power, therefore it synthesizes and develops several neural pathways and synapses that promote memory, learning, concentration, and productivity.
  • Mind Lab Pro has been designed in a way that it can be consumed by all and everybody irrespective of gender or age, as it has been proven to comprise a list of ingredients that helps in restoring cognitive and memory decline alongside shaping your overall cognitive output.
  • The supplement comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee alongside Nutricaps which are extremely nutritious, unlike several other capsule substitutes.


The recommended dosage for this supplement is 2 capsules a day.

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Prevagen: A Quality Booster For Fading Memory!

Prevagen Go Healthy West Piedmont Review

Various health experts and researchers have validated how you can purchase and depend on this nootropic supplement without needing a prescription of any sort since it has been tested to be both safe and promising. This natural supplement although has not been evaluated by the FDA but it is often used for the treatment of disorders like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and age-related memory decline which are one of the prime concerns of old-age. It comprises of two major ingredients that have been properly elaborated to be effective and they are Apoaequorin and Vitamin D respectively. The sole customer for whom the supplement has been primarily designed for old adults who belong to the age of 55 or above since the supplement specifically deals with age-oriented memory and cognitive decline, unlike Mind Lab Pro.

The supplement has been produced by carrying several scientific screenings and researches such as Memory Study, Madison Memory Study, alongside three different safety studies that have been elaborately mentioned on its official website. Even though it primarily helps in enhancing the capacities of our memory stores, it also helps in enhancing our abilities to focus, learn, concentrate, and verbally communicate better which often gets hampered due to old age.

What are the benefits of Prevagen?

  • Prevagen has been studied and tested on various levels to be free of preservatives and additives that can supposedly harm our brain health.
  • The supplement is meant for seniors who face tremendous problems oriented to memory and cognitive decline that generates due to aging and are one of the pivotal concerns that every old body faces.
  • Prevagen comprises an ingredient called Apoaequorin that has beenstudied and researched and tested to be extremely useful in synthesizing our brain cells, neurotransmitters, and even preventing synaptic collapses.


The prescribed dosage for Prevagen is 1 capsule a day.

Unique ingredients of Mind Lab Pro:

  • Citicoline: Also known as Cognizin, this ingredient helps in enhancing our cognitive output by promoting a balance of mood states, memory functions, attentional capacities, abilities to learn and grasp. The ingredient also prevents age-related memory decline and Dementia.
  • Phosphatidylserine: It has been proven to enhance our memory stores and reduce cognitive fallouts that we often face with aging. It helps in the prevent the degeneration of brain cells which as a consequence promotes our mood, reduces anxiety, and enhances our mental clarity.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: This ingredient amalgamates the significance of memory capacities with learning and performance that altogether helps in long-term brain health and brainpower. It has been useful in reducing stress by causing our brain cells to relax.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Several studies have proven the cognitive improvements caused by the ingredient in several individuals especially aged 50+ when faced with milder forms of cognitive impairment. It also helps in maintaining mood balance and proper brain functioning.
  • Maritime Pine Bark: Proanthocyanidin compounds that help in charging our brain with lots of energy and power. The extract also helps in enhancing memory that helps in promoting mental energy alongside abilities of attention and learning.
  • L-Tyrosine: Alongside promoting focus and concentration, the primary benefit of this ingredient is to help in reducing stress, fatigue, and deprivation of sleep that is often caused by overwork and deadlines.
  • L-Theanine: We achieve a state of calmness and peace that is often instilled by this ingredient. It facilitates our aptitude in different things which further helps in shaping our creativity. It promotes our problem-solving tendencies, and associates new learning with the existing ones.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: One of the singular benefits that draw all the athletes and physical performers towards this nootropic supplement. It strengthens our physical abilities alongside drawing deep associations between both our mental and physical power so that both can be aced at once.
  • Vitamin B6, B12, B9: All these vitamins have shown remarkable response in promoting mood congruency, facilitating memory and learning, and promoting longevity of brainpower.
Mind Lab Pro ingredients

Unique ingredients of Prevagen:

  • Apoaequorin: This is the protein extracted from jellyfishes as they comprise various compounds including binding calcium. The ingredient helps in maintaining and promoting the cellular calcium balance that stands extremely crucial for neural functions which often gets damaged due to old age.
  • Vitamin D: This fat-soluble vitamin serves a significant purpose in determining brain health in addition to bone health. It is considered to be a natural neuro-steroid that helps with cognitive functions and your overall brain health.

Comparison Chart: 

Categories: Mind Lab Pro Prevagen  
Product: Natural Nootropic Supplement   
Price: $69.00 USD$39.95 USD 
Suitable For:Can be consumed by all. Seniors belonging to 50 years or above.  
Gingko Biloba: Not used. Not used.  
Dosage: 2 capsules a day. 1 capsule a day.  
Guarantee: 60days Money-Back Guarantee. N/A 
Shipping: Chargeable
Vegan Friendly: Yes. No. 
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Conclusion: Why exactly Opt For A Universal Nootropic like Mind Lab Pro over Prevagen or any other??

Mind Lab Pro can be consumed by everyone belonging to any gender or age and it has shown remarkable response in enhancing our overall cognitive output, whereas Prevagen loses the battle as it is supposed to be taken by aging adults only who are over the age of 50 and 55+ as it mostly deals with age-related memory decline and which is one of the standalone reasons as to why any anyone should opt for the former at any given circumstance.

Mind Lab Pro also outnumbers Prevagen in terms of the quality ingredients it accompanies since Prevagen only consists of two. Mind Lab Pro can be taken by one and all. It has been showing wonders for the professionals and the people participating in brainy competitions as it has been helping to boost your overall cognitive output which further results in enhanced productivity, creativity, and more problem-solving behavior.

Mind Lab also helps us in developing our abilities to learn, attend and adapt to the environment, which is why it is one of the primary choices for students and sportsmen playing games like chess and puzzles. It is extremely noteworthy as the supplement help in facilitating cognitive strengths among people who belong to the age of 55 or above, as it has been studied by various researchers on how it helps in providing the extra required support to our memory stores, promote our capacities to communicate, enhance our mood states, and most importantly restore our mental clarity. The supplement is also prescribed to athletes since a lot of scientific research validates how it helps in increasing our brain chemistry and instill a great deal of motivation, willpower, and strength in us.

So, no matter what your Age is, the Mind Lab Pro is here to cater one-and-all with its Cognitive Powers, Tap to Rush your Order from Official Website.