CortiSync Review: A Clinically Proven Formula to Reduce Cortisol Naturally!

Our fast-paced modern lifestyle is making us increasingly susceptible to stress. With our jam-packed schedules, we are constantly in a rush and rarely find time to unwind and relax. And while everyone feels stressed out once in a while, too much stress can be highly detrimental to your health.

Your body is not just a reflection of your physical health, but also your mental health. Stress worsens or increases your risk of developing health conditions and accelerates aging. It may also lead to binge eating and weight gain. Moreover, stress and anxiety inhibit our true potential. When we are stressed, we don’t perform as well as we otherwise would.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a great way to keep your stress levels in check. But there are certain supplements that can also help. In the article, we review CortiSync supplement by PrimeGENIX, a dietary supplement that helps to balance and decrease cortisol levels to optimize various bodily functions.

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What is CortiSync?

PrimeGENIX CortiSync Review

CortiSync by Leading Edge Health is a dietary supplement that works to regulate and normalize cortisol levels and helps you manage your stress levels. It also improves your cognitive performance, uplifts mood, increases muscle strength, enhances physical performance, and boosts metabolic functions, among various other incredible benefits.

CortiSync is recommended by Dr. Kaleb Redden, a sports medicine specialist and PrimeGENIX team doctor. Being a leading expert in the sports nutrition and exercise industry, Dr. Redden has worked with several professional athletes to keep them in great shape, recover from injuries, and improve their physical performance. CortiSync is 100% natural and is made with organic and non-GMO ingredients. Additionally, it is manufactured in cGMP-approved facilities, regulated by FDA.

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How does Cortisync work?

According to experts, cortisol is an important hormone that affects every tissue and organ in your body. And when your cortisol levels are too high, it affects everything you do.

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone produced by your adrenal glands, which is activated during a flight-or-fight situation when there is perceived harm or stress and helps control unnecessary or harmful functions to tackle the stress or emergency, keeping all other functions on hold. It makes you hyper-focused and highly alert, adapting every tissue in your body to cope with the stressor.

Healthy cortisol levels are actually beneficial for you as they regulate your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, metabolism, inflammation, sleep-wake cycle, and more. Generally, once the perceived threat is tackled, your cortisol levels come back to normal. However, in the case of chronic stress, there is a chronic alleviation of cortisol levels. If cortisol levels are too high, they can do more harm than good. Over time, it may cause insomnia, weight gain, diabetes, fatigue, high blood pressure, panic attacks, mood swings, and compromised immunity.

Furthermore, in order to prepare your body to face a stressor, cortisol suppresses your immune system for some time to prevent excessive inflammation. This leaves you prone to autoimmune diseases and infections.

The CortiSync formula contains many adaptogenic plants that regulate the chemical reactions in your body by controlling the adrenal, pituitary, and hypothalamic glands. These glands work together and play an important role in regulating your stress response and maintaining homeostasis. The pituitary gland secrets growth hormone which helps to lower cortisol levels. Since growth hormone declines with age, cortisol levels often tend to increase as there is less growth hormone to keep it down.

When you are stressed, your body goes through the following stages:

  • Alarm stage
  • Stage of resistance
  • Stage of exhaustion

In the presence of a stressor, say when you lift weights, your body produces hormones like adrenaline to boost muscle function. In the phase of resistance, it works to put all your focus and energy on the task at hand. In other words, the body is resisting the stressor. This is followed by the exhaustion phase.

Adaptogens work by increasing the duration of the resistance phase, which allows you to effectively fight the stressor for a longer time period. Researchers have studied adaptogens in animals as well as neuronal cells. They have found that adaptogens have many other benefits, including:

  • Stimulating the central nervous system
  • Anti-depressive properties
  • Anti-fatigue effects
  • Neuroprotective properties

They are also known to improve mental capacity, reduce stress, and increase attention.

In addition to this, adaptogens help to slow down the degradation of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which controls your sense of perceived threat.


#1. Sensoril

Sensoril Ingredients

Sensoril is a proprietary blend of concentrated ashwagandha extract, which is one of the most powerful adaptogens.

  • Sensoril has been clinically proven to calm your brain and help reduce cortisol levels, tiredness, and stress, and improve sleep.
  • It also increases testosterone, which helps control weight and increases muscle strength and muscle mass.
  • Sensoril is a popular ingredient in supplements as it enhances the bioactive compounds in ashwagandha and amplifies its effects.

Scientific study: A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial was conducted on 64 volunteers dealing with chronic stress to study the effects of ashwagandha root extract on stress and anxiety among adults. After conducting relevant clinical examinations, the treatment group was given one capsule containing 300 mg of highly concentrated full-spectrum ashwagandha extract twice a day, while the other group received a placebo, daily for 60 days. The study showed that the treatment group had substantially less serum cortisol levels and experienced less stress than the placebo group [1].

#2. Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy-Basil Tulsi Ingredients

Holy basil is an herb of medicinal significance in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda.

  • It is abundant in flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that help reduce adrenal stress, metabolic fatigue, and balance cortisol levels and other hormones, and increases focus.
  • Additionally, it is a natural immunomodulator that helps reduce chronic inflammation in the body.
  • It also helps fight infections, cancer, and various other diseases.

Scientific study: A placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted on mice to study the effect of sweet basil on memory retention and retrieval. The mice were divided into a test group (electric shock + basil extract of doses 100, 200, 400, and 800 mg/kg), a blank group (electric shock + normal saline water), and a control group (only electric shock). The study was performed using a passive avoidance apparatus and the delay in leaving the platform for each group was measured. For the retention test, the basil extract was given immediately after the shock, while for the retrieval test, it was given 24 hours after the electric shock. The study showed that basil extract could improve both retention and memory in mice [2].

#3. L-Theanine

L-Theanine Ingredients
  • L-Theanine is a phytochemical naturally found in plants that induce calmness and relieves anxiety.
  • It can pass through the blood-brain barrier and increase alpha wave activity, which helps increase focus, attention span, memory, and other cognitive functions.
  • Additionally, it improves sleep quality, increases immunity, and neutralizes some of the negative effects of caffeine, such as energy crashes, coffee jitters, and restlessness.

Scientific evidence: A placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted on 104 participants to evaluate the effects of L-theanine on stress and anxiety. The treatment group was given L-theanine (200-400mg) daily for up to 8 weeks, while the other group received a placebo. The study included people with and without existing medical conditions. The study revealed that L-theanine reduced stress and anxiety in stressful situations [3].

#4. Lemon Balm

Lemon-Balm Ingredients

Lemon balm is a popular lemon-scented plant native to Europe.

  • It is a potent herb that has been widely used to evade sleep-related problems and induce restful sleep.
  • The phytonutrients in lemon balm promote tranquillity, but they don’t make you drowsy like melatonin.
  • Instead, it calms your nervous system and reduces inflammation, which helps promote sleep.
  • It also improves alertness, mood, and other brain functions.

Scientific evidence: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted on 18 healthy participants to determine the effects of lemon balm on laboratory-induced stress. The participants either received 300mg or 600mg of lemon balm extract for 7 days. Subsequently, they were given placebo after a washout period of 7 days. Attenuation in mood was measured pre- and post-dose after completion of a stress simulation. The study showed that lemon balm could alleviate negative moods and increase calmness and alertness in the treatment group. In addition, it also increased the speed of mathematical processing among the participants [4].

#5. Lychee

Litchi Ingredients

Lychee is a fruit that grows in tropics regions.

  • The bioactive compounds in lychee lower cortisol levels, improve metabolic processes and helps build strong bones.
  • It also helps reduce inflammation and protects against oxidative stress.
  • Additionally, it contains amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, C, E, and K, and many beneficial minerals and plant compounds, making it an ideal superfood.

#6. Magnolia

Magnolia Ingredients

Magnolia is a tree cultivated all around the world.

  • It is known to boost serotonin production in the brain, making you calmer and happier.
  • The active ingredients in Magnolia also regulate stress levels and help you relax and fall asleep faster.
  • Magnolia also increases DHEA in the body, which helps control cortisol levels.

Scientific evidence: A clinical trial was conducted on mice to study the effect of honokiol (magnolia polyphenol) on non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. Flumazenil, which interferes with the sleep-enhancing amino acid GABA, was administered 15 minutes before honokiol was administered in mice. The effects of honokiol were measured using in vitro electrophysiology and other techniques. The study showed that honokiol increased NREM sleep and shortened sleep latency in mice [5].

#7. Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea Ingredients

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the world’s most popular and well-researched adaptogens.

  • It reduces cortisol levels, increases energy levels, and helps slow down the age-related decline in cognitive functions.
  • Additionally, prevents you from feeling overwhelmed in stressful situations.

Rhodiola is highly beneficial on its own, but combining it with other ingredients further enhances its benefits.

Scientific evidence: An open-label, multicentre, exploratory clinical trial was conducted on 118 patients to determine the effect of Rhodiola Rosea extract on stress-related burnout symptoms. The volunteers were given 400mg of Rhodiola Rosea extract daily for 12 weeks. The clinical outcomes were measured using questionnaires, burnout screening scales, and various other methods. A majority of the clinical outcomes suggested improvement in burnout syndrome. Moreover, several parameters improved from the first week itself [6].


  • Reduces cortisol levels: When you are under too much stress, your adrenals have to work really hard to produce a greater amount of cortisol. In the process, they often tend to burn out and shut down completely. CortiSync ensures the optimal functioning of your adrenals and prevents adrenal fatigue.
  • Improved metabolic stress and functions: Increased cortisol levels stimulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in your body. This increases your glucose levels, which are then converted to belly fat. CortiSync optimizes your metabolic activities and prevents cortisol-induced weight gain. It also reduces your cravings for high-fat, high-sugar, salty foods caused due to high cortisol levels.
  • Better strength and physical performance: By reducing mental and physiological stress, CortiSync can increase strength and endurance, and help reduce recovery time. It also reduces muscle tightness and muscle cramps. On the flip side, if your cortisol levels are low, CortiSync balances it to increase your workout capacity and regulate your energy metabolism.
  • Better sleep quality: The adaptogens in CortiSync calm your central nervous system, which improves your sleep quality and helps you sleep faster. It ensures your body gets restful and rejuvenating sleep every night. Adequate sleep helps in the production of growth hormone, required to regulate cortisol.
  • Improved cognitive functions: An imbalance in cortisol levels can lead to chronic fatigue and cause memory loss as it can damage the hippocampus, which plays an important role in retrieving memory. CortiSync increases cortisol levels to optimal levels to increase your energy levels and improve memory and other cognitive functions.

Side effects

CortiSync is generally well tolerated by most people and does not have any reported critical adverse consequences. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are on prescription medications, it is advisable that you talk to your licensed healthcare provider before taking an all regular dietary supplement.

5 Reasons to buy Cortisync Supplement

  1. Reduces cortisol for Stress Relief
  2. Doesn’t require any lifestyle changes
  3. Fast-acting formula that helps in supporting adrenal health in just a few weeks
  4. It is a doctor-recommended all-natural dietary supplement
  5. Manufactured in cGMP-approved facilities.

Did you know?

  • Basil is one of the herbs you can grow through hydroponics – a method of growing plants using just water and no soil.
  • Botanists have found Magnolia fossils that date back more than 100 million years, making Magnolia one of the oldest known flowering plants.
  • Basil derives its name from the word ‘’basileus’’, which means ‘’king’’ in Greek.

Why CortiSync over other Supplements that target Stress?

  • Many supplements in the market provide momentary relief from stress but CortiSync treats the root cause of increased cortisol levels: overactive adrenal glands.
  • The formula is clinically proven to reduce cortisol and starts working in just two weeks.
  • Each adaptogen in CortiSync has been studied extensively both in-vivo and in-vitro, with their results published in highly reputed journals.
  • In addition, PrimeGENIX superior formulas have been developed under Dr. Redden, who is a highly-respected nutrition, and fitness specialist.
  • With CotiSync, you can regulate your cortisol levels without ditching your coffee, practicing meditation, or making any other lifestyle changes.
  • Moreover, CortiSync is 100% natural and doesn’t require a prescription.

Is CortiSync the right product for you?

If you are struggling with high-stress levels, the urge to binge eat, and have no motivation, then CortiSync is the right product for you. These are some of the devastating effects of an imbalance in cortisol levels. To make matters worse, cortisol drains your energy and interferes with your sleep-wake cycle, making it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. CortiSync can help you break out of this vicious cycle so you can enjoy the best years of your life and enhance physical performance.

PrimeGENIX CortiSync 67 Day Money Back Guarantee

It is recommended that you take two capsules daily with water. There are 60 capsules in each bottle, enough for one month’s supply.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, the brand offers a 100% customer satisfaction 67-day money-back guarantee. You may return the bottles (even the empty ones) for a full refund of the purchase price excluding shipping charges.

How to get Cortisync?

You can order CortiSync from the brand’s official website, Click here to buy at the best price.

The pricing is as follows:

  • $59.95 for one month’s supply
  • $169.95 for three month’s supply
  • $319.95 for three month’s supply

The brand offers Free USA shipping on six months’ supply.

Customer Feedback

Audrey C. (Dunedin, New Zealand):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I wasn’t sure if I would see much of a difference when I started taking this supplement but I definitely have. My cognitive functions have significantly enhanced since I started taking it. I’m able to focus more and retain information better. Overall, I’m really happy with Cortisync.”

Bruce M. (Edinburgh, United Kingdom):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“If you are struggling with your weight, or just want to make sure your metabolism is running as efficiently as possible, CortiSync is a great supplement to take. I have been taking it for a few months now and have definitely noticed an improvement in my energy levels and overall health.”

Chandler A. (Perth, Australia):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Cortisync has been a lifesaver for me during cold and flu season. I am more susceptible to getting sick, but since I started taking this supplement, I have been able to fight off illnesses much more effectively. Cortisync has also helped boost my energy levels, which is an added bonus.”

Kataline R. (California, United States):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“This supplement has been a game-changer for me when it comes to appetite control. I no longer feel the need to snack all the time, and I’m able to stick to my meal plan much more easily. Cortisync has definitely helped me see results in my weight loss journey with better appetite control.”

Raya K. (Bloemfontein, South Africa):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Cortisync helped me relax and feel more calm. The product helped me get through a tough moment and I’m thankful for that.”

Boone D. (Toronto, Canada):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“CortiSync has helped me immensely in reducing my fatigue levels. I have more energy throughout the day and I don’t feel as exhausted at the end of the day. It has been a game changer for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with fatigue.”

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Cortisol levels can rise due to both physical and psychological stressors and may lead to a host of undesirable effects on the body. Although some stress is inevitable (and even necessary), sustained stress burns out your organs. CortiSync combines seven well-researched and clinically shown potent adaptogens that help balance your cortisol levels naturally that work by ‘’normalizing’’ your adrenals for optimal cortisol levels.

One of the major advantages of CortiSync is that it works without changing your lifestyle and with minimal effort. It not only helps reduce stress but also provides various other health benefits. Moreover, the supplement is completely natural and does not cause any adverse effects.

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