Performance Lab Mind: Been struggling to find easy ways to beat your continuous Brain Fog?

Since we are to spend so much time staring at computers or fidgeting with our smartphones, our minds are trying tirelessly to work harder than ever. The fatigue and stress you experience at the end of a very long day are genuine, and it’s a sign that your brain is running dangerously low on certain supplies.

Unlike fatigued limbs, napping your brain may not always be the right approach, but there is an approach and that right one is Performance Lab Mind!!! 

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Say No to Prescription Smart Drugs, or Serotonergic drugs……

These are chemicals that are meant to increase mental function but they all come with multiple side effects and are extremely hard to obtain. Using a composition that contains ingredients comprising medicinal herbs, Performance Lab Mind focuses on improving cognitive performance and your overall brain health, this natural nootropic supplement, will assist your brain to quickly refuel, dispelling the fog so that you can function clearly when needed.

The Why’s & How’s of Performance Lab…. 

So, at the minimum, all effective cognition strengthening medicines usually require a proper prescription for purchase. But Performance Lab Mind, on the contrary, is not only more efficient than the others, but it is also perfectly safe, allowing it to be offered as the true mate to your brain health and functioning.

It’s probably the best idea to consider that Performance Lab Mind is a brain-boosting dietary product, as it provides nutrients that the brain needs to optimize cognitive functions and sustain healthy brain health.

Performance Lab Mind: The One-Stop Solution to All Your Everyday Brain Blocks 

Performance Lab Mind Review

Performance Lab Mind helps in improving cognitive function and abilities that are both performance and achievement-driven, such as attention, speed, enthusiasm, memory, desire, and much more. Performance Lab Mind may be the first true nootropic to help you feel better quickly by combating stress, and fatigue and offering long-term support for your mental wellbeing and brain health. The Mind supplement by Performance Lab contains:

  • Cognizin, which increases brain power and energy by 13.6 %.
  • Sharp-PS Green, which has been tested to be 100% environmentally friendly.
  • And the greatest Maritime Pine Bark Extract, which contains 95% of Proanthocyanins

Being widely available on the official website of Performance Lab with highly nominal shipping charges. Performance Lab Mind is a natural dietary nootropic supplement that enhances your cognitive capabilities and has been manufactured in labs that are certified by cGMP. It’s made with vegan-friendly components that confidently claim to improve your memory, mood, attention, sharpness, and other brain functions.

This supplement improves blood circulation to the brain and delivers all the advantages that occur as a consequence of all the various crucial processes that this supplement has set in motion by using all the NutriGenesis ingredients. In addition, your capacity to respond logically in high-stress circumstances will increase, as will the natural ability of your brain to understand difficult issues. Every ingredient employed in this supplement has a somewhat significant impact, which we’ll get through in more depth in the next section.

In principle, Performance Lab Mind functions by combining the nutritional and herbal advantages of four key ingredients. These top-tier ingredient blends have been linked to a variety of brain health benefits. Citicoline, for example, has been linked to improved memory, attention, and other significant elements of mental functioning. Once it passes through the membranes of our brain cells, it contributes to the production of Acetylcholine, known to be a key neurotransmitter. This nootropic differs from those widely sold and chased after in the market as it just includes a multitude of key organic ingredients required to improve mental abilities, with no superfluous additions.

Performance Lab Mind entails an Ultra-Modern Design involving Nutri-Caps, which is a ground-breaking and stim-free brain formula that enhances optimum performance levels during duress of any kind. It opens the path for effective neuro-nutrient supply by integrating several multi-tasking nootropic substances in various advanced forms. To encourage rapid bounce-backs, it functions by improving full-spectrum cognitive performance and promoting healthy recuperation. 

How can the science behind Performance Lab Mind be scientifically elaborated?

All of this may come as a surprise from a nootropic supplement that seems to have only four active components but the ways they are set into action is truly impeccable. Performance Lab Mind succeeds in doing that in every manner possible. Two key components of this supplement can result in quick and noticeable increases in mental capacity.

  • Firstly, Citicoline can help you stay focused and process information faster.
  • Then, Tyrosine can help you stay attentive throughout periods of peak physical and emotional stress.

Citicoline is a naturally occurring significant molecule found in all living cells. Citicoline is a powerful and flexible nootropic for brain functioning and cognitive optimization. It’s accustomed to having multiple functions. It helps in endorsing phospholipids that assist in building brain cells and optimizing brain cell processes.

It also increases Acetylcholine levels in the brain, which aids learning, concentration, and remembering.

It also improves the efficiency of the powerplant mitochondria, which generate energy for all brain cells along with promoting blood circulation, which provides oxygen for energy consumption in the brain.

Lastly, stabilizing the membranes of brain cells for proper neural healing, regrowth, and performance is also highly significant for Citicoline.

Another ingredient, Phosphatidylserine stimulates Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and is a key component of neurogenesis which can be referred to as the development of new cells in the brain. It also promotes neuroplasticity, the development of new neural connections that underpins all new learning alongside facilitating neural restoration. It also facilitates the continual maintenance and repair of cells in the brain.

Sharp-PS Green and Cognizin both boost brain phospholipids. This improves the quality of beneficial lipids that are utilized to create, repair, and optimize the membranes of brain cells. Cognizin and Sharp-PS Green work with each other in Performance Lab Mind to provide ultra-reinforcement for the fluidity and performance of various dynamic brain cellular membranes linked with remembering, emotions, learning, and long-term brain health.

It influences the efficiency of brain cell membranes by assisting signaling molecules, receptors, and enzymes involved in neuronal function. Healthy fats improve cognitive function that enhances mood and protracted mental focus by optimizing cellular membranes.

What are the various ingredients employed in Performance Lab Mind contributing to all its benefits?

  1. Cognizin 250 mg: Performance Lab Mind’s Cognizin is a Citicoline ingredient blend improved with next-generation nutrition technology, and has been scientifically proven to improve brain power, concentration, attention, memory, and overall cognitive performance.

    Cognizin has been shown to increase brain cell membrane creation by 26% and brain energy by 13.6%. It’s also recognized as Cytidine Diphosphate Choline, and it’s a naturally existing brain molecule that’s essential for cognitive function. Its deficiency (which can be alleviated by consuming or injecting this molecule into the body) might cause memory loss and blurred visual acuity.

  2. Sharp-PS Green (Soy-free Phosphatidylserine) 100 mg: PS enhances the performance of brain cell membranes by assisting signaling molecules, receptors, and enzymes involved in neurotransmission. PS has been demonstrated to contribute to a wide array of advantages. As a result, acetylcholine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine are brain neurotransmitters that are regulated. It also recognizes injured brain cells and alerts the immunological functions to begin the cleansing process of toxins.

    Furthermore, stress-induced signaling causes the stress hormone cortisol to be produced, which is also controlled and prevented from affecting your cognitive performance.

  3. L-Tyrosine 250 mg: It’s a very renowned nutritional ingredient blend that helps people concentrate, focus, pay more attention, and even stay alert. The neural mechanisms created by this amino acid, according to experts, help neurons communicate more efficiently even while improving our temperament and mood.

    It is also essential for the development of hormones like Dopamine, which is necessary for learning and various motor abilities, and Adrenaline, which aids in the preparation of the body to behave appropriately in fight or flight circumstances. Stress-induced cognitive difficulties such as fogginess, poor concentration, attention deficits, and emotional fatigue have been related to subsequent catecholamine depletion.

    Supplemental L-Tyrosine may certainly assist to overturn these adverse effects by:
    1. Acting as a raw material that would be needed for the synthesis of performance-enhancing neurochemicals.
    2. It also helps in stimulating the synthesis and secretion of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and even dopamine.
    3. It also helps by attempting to maintain norepinephrine levels which are generally exhausted by strain and worry.

  4. IV. Maritime Bark Extract 75 mg: Antioxidants in Maritime Pine Bark assist long-term cognitive health and even brain cell renewal to a massive extent. The antioxidant Proanthocyanins found in Maritime Pine Bark Extract benefit our brain by:
    1. Providing antioxidants that traverse through the blood-brain barrier and promote the functions of our brain as they help obliterate the free radicals, prevent cell damage and various age-accelerating impacts.
    2. It also helps in signaling the discharge of Nitric Oxide (NO), which soothes our blood vessels to encourage the circulation of blood and effective delivery of micronutrients alongside glucose and oxygen.
    3. It also functions by improving brain plasticity and cellular regeneration to promote long-term cognitive efficiency. 
Performance Lab Mind Ingredients

What are the various benefits that make the supplement satisfy all our brain-boosting desires?

  • Supports, memory, focus, mood, motivation, multitasking, and more: Performance Lab Mind ensures that your mind derives all the benefits from the formula’s assistance in developing new skills and remembering accurately what you have already stored in your memory. It doesn’t end there. People who’ve been using Performance Lab Mind for months have reported how it has helped individuals recall information be it new or old ones, relatively effortlessly.
  • Promotes peak mental performance in high-pressure environments: L-Tyrosine accomplishes a lot for you by increasing the levels of three significant neurotransmitters namely, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Adrenaline. It is also notable that various other ingredients employed in this supplement also have a long history of being used to help people cope with stressful and challenging conditions.
  • Encourages blood flow to the brain, helping oxygen, glucose, and micronutrient delivery: An increase and improvement in the constant blood flow to the brain, also referred to as Cerebral Blood Flow, is associated with enhanced verbal fluency and better cognitive attention, according to behavioral science. Increased cerebral blood flow and better delivery of oxygen to the brain cells have indeed been related to better direction-following skills as well.  
  • Supports flexible, fluid, and healthy neural structures linked to memory and learning: Cognition includes retention of information, perception, reasoning, and linguistic abilities. This supplement can benefit you with a variety of things, including brain cell regeneration and neurotransmitter replenishment for better functioning. Performance Lab Mind also improves cognitive abilities by minimizing mental impairment by limiting toxic inflammation and even pain.
  • Recovers several brain chemicals for a speedier and smoother functioning: It heals your mind from all the regular mental strain that you face. It also helps in supporting long-term cognitive health and mental stability through improved neuronal regeneration.  
  • Performance Lab Mind assists in the optimization of brain cellular membranes for optimal performance and long-term wellbeing: Neurotransmitter synthesis and responsiveness can be improved while neurotransmitter disintegration is inhibited using effective nootropic supplements like Performance Lab Mind in ways that are organic and safe. Safeguarding various neuronal membranes from free radicals is another significant part of neural regeneration. Various significant antioxidants in Performance Lab Mind, as per our research, can provide benefits by increasing the brain’s antioxidant capacity and cleansing it of neurotoxicity.
  • 100% natural prebiotic-infused Nutri-Caps made from pullulan (Fermented Tapioca): The majority of pills on the marketplace contain stimulants, which might stay you up during the night. The Performance Lab Mind is exceptional. It contains Zero Caffeine and is hence suitable for consumption at any time of day or night. When you look at the supplement’s contents, you’ll see that it doesn’t include any stimulants or contaminants. 

What makes Performance Lab Mind so unique and remarkable when put face to face with all its competitors? 

Performance Lab Mind is a shinning nootropic supplement that is completely natural. Performance Lab Mind is a nootropic that promises to provide both short and long gains while being simple enough to be taken in combined with just about any stack. There are lots of glowing Performance Lab Mind customer reviews, but how does it stack up against all the other cognitive boosters is the real question. Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that Performance Lab Mind merely contains four components, which is a small number opposed to other nootropic supplements, but they also entail NutriGenesis which guarantees to aid you with:

  1. Heightened cognitive agility and an enhanced ability to focus.
  2. Increased and synthesized Brain Energy.
  3. Decreased latency in information processing and better response time.
  4. Enhancement of cerebral neural structures that contribute to various brain functions. 
  5. Efficient retention and better functioning of memory stores. 
  6. Better and regulated blood circulation happening at all times. 
  7. Making concerted efforts for your brain to work better under pressure alongside promoting resistance to stress

Performance Lab Mind is perfect if you’re looking for the foundation of the best nootropic stack. It’s the first step to finding yourself the greatest cognitive enhancement. Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, Tyrosine, and Maritime Pine Bark offer the core benefits for brain-boosting with the stellar ingredient quality of this supplement. It’s great for cognitive performance and helps in keeping you focused. Despite its minimal ingredient content, Performance Lab Mind can be effective as any other cognitive booster or even more because it entails only NutriGenesis ingredients and also brings you benefits for overall brain health because of its ultramodern design involving Nutri-Caps. It also safeguards all your claims with a 30-days money-back guarantee and looks after all your expectations with very nominal shipping costs. 

Structure of a Healthy Brain Cell Membrane

Get your Brain Firing on all Cylinders, Read and Book your Order of Performance Lab Mind, from here!

What are the safety levels one has to look after with Performance Lab Mind?

Performance Lab Mind is made entirely of natural ingredients and their efficacy has been documented in various top-tier medical journals. The capsules are manufactured in a certified facility that follows stringent standards required for ensuring premium quality and safety outcomes. 

However, if you’re under the age of 18, undergoing pregnancy, or breastfeeding, there seems to be a caution/disclaimer on the container advising you against taking Performance Lab Mind. Following that, there is also a polite reminder for those of you with pre-existing health complications as then you must exercise caution before using this product. However, in all other scenarios before using any supplement, it’s always a good idea to check with a qualified medical professional before adding something fresh and new to your diet.

Are there any side-effects that manage to concern us with Performance Lab Mind?

No, this nootropic can generate no side-effects of any sort in you. The ingredients in the Performance Lab Mind formula are all safe, certified to be non-GMO, and also has been thoroughly tested to be free of allergens and adulterants of any sort. However, before you go about consuming this supplement, you should give the disclaimer section of the supplement a quick read in order to gain the maximum benefits in the safest and most informed way possible.

It also comes with an effective dosage, so please do maintain the dosage suggested to you by the brand to gain the peak of brain-boosting advantages that Performance Lab Mind has been essentially designed to deliver.

Are there ways in which we can maximize the efficacy we derive from Performance Lab Mind?

Yes, indeed!! There are a variety of strategies to maximize most of the benefits that this Performance Lab Mind provides. The most basic methods, which you may already be familiar with, are simple techniques to encourage a better lifestyle by avoiding various unhealthy junk foods, liquor, tobacco, and so on. You can also take a few really supplemental and easily achievable healthy initiatives, such as exercising regularly, going for a run, and keeping your stress and sleeping cycles under control.

However, the best possible way to enhance the effects of this formula is to couple it up with other health supplements by Performance Labs, such as:

  1. Performance Lab Sleep
  2. Performance Lab Energy
  3. Performance Lab MCT, and
  4. Performance Lab Caffeine Plus. 
Buy Performance Lab Mind Online

Do you get Performance Lab Mind on GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon?

No, Performance Lab Mind or any other product manufactured by this brand is not sold by these above-mentioned websites or stores. You will have to purchase this nootropic from the official website of Performance Lab as it will safeguard you against forgery, middleman charges, false products, misleading testimonials, etc. 

Do you get a Free Trial with Performance Lab Mind?

Performance Lab Mind Performance Promise

No such scamming schemes are encouraged or practiced by this brand. You will have to find out by purchasing for yourself and you are supported with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the supplement. 

Is Performance Lab Mind completely legal?

  • Yes, this is a completely legal and safe supplement as has been certified by various organizations.
  • It has been manufactured in laboratories that are cGMP and FDA certified.
  • It has also been tested to be 100% organic and therefore needs no prescription for purchase

Performance Lab Mind Pricing Structure:

  • $59.00 for one container. 
  • $118.00 for two containers.
  • $177.00 for 4 containers (buy 3 + get 1 free).

To Buy Performance Lab Mind at its Best Discounted Price, visit the Official Website.

Will Performance Lab Mind work for you? Dosage?

Yes, it works for all who fall in or above the age of 18 and even aging individuals. However, the recommended dose is 1 or 2 Nutri-Cap capsules, every day. Take on an empty stomach. Use regularly over time to promote sustained whole-brain health.

Recommended Dosage of Performance Lab Mind

Summary of all the benefits of Performance Lab Mind

  1. All four components are beneficial to brain function in different ways and are natural, non-GMP certified, and even entail NutriGenesis
  2. L-Tyrosine, a predecessor of dopamine and noradrenaline, is found in abundance. And for cellular rejuvenation, Citicoline and Phosphatidylserine have been used thereby making it highly efficacious.
  3. All the ingredients aid in the development and maintenance of brain cell membranes.
  4. A great amount of antioxidant support is provided by maritime pine bark extract.
  5. There are no dangerous additives or artificial chemicals in Performance Lab Mind. And you are also given a 30days money-back guarantee. 


Maeve Wiley (Texas, USA):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have been using Performance Lab Mind for 3 months now and it has highly benefitted me in remembering, focusing, and even going about my routine with more and more precision. It allows for more sharpness in thinking.

Christian Dela Cruz (Manilla, Philippines):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I’ve been using Performance Lab Mind for a while now and it really does help with peak mental performance in high-pressure environments. I find that I can stay focused and calm under pressure, which is really important when you’re trying to achieve a goal. The product is gender neutral and the price is reasonable, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an edge in their mental performance.”

Julian Miller (Brisbane, Australia):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Since I started using the Mind supplement by Performance Lab, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my attention and overall mental acuity. I’ll keep using it as I foresee incremental and substantial improvements in performance over the course of time. It also has regulated my sleep schedule and helped me have a productive structure in my days. 

Jamie Frazer (Wellington, New-Zealand):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Performance Lab Mind was suggested by my best friend as I have great difficulty in going about my regular working days owing to extreme stress and workload. The ingredients in this supplement are all very easy to understand and they cause no stomach issues or side effects of any sort

Michael Adams (Vancouver, Canada):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

 As a student, Performance Lab Mind has honestly paved the way for my degree. I am a Psychology major and the composition of this supplement is extremely easy to undertake. It entails Cognizin, that’s honest crazy!!!! I love this product; it makes learning 50 times faster and better. I recommend it to all. 

Lei Wong (Woodlands, Singapore):

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“I’m a big fan of Performance Lab Mind. I’ve been using it for a while now and it definitely helps with my mood and multitasking. I feel like it helps me stay focused and motivated throughout the day. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a mental edge.”


To sum up this in-depth Performance Lab Mind analysis, it is undeniable that this supplement has one of the simplest, purest yet the most formidable compositions for any nootropic out there. Just with 4 active ingredients, it’s a bold mix that supports multiple aspects and elements of brain performance. Performance Lab Mind is especially suggested for persons who are new to nootropics or even the ones who want to get the maximum bounce for their money.

This review verifies that if you’re looking for a hard-hitting nootropic supplement or a thorough stack, this could be the correct choice for you. To stack it, just pair it with Performance Lab’s Sleep, Energy, MCT, and/or Caffeine, which are all supplied by the very same company.

Start with brain health maintenance today, Read more about Performance Lab Mind from its Official Website and also place your Order!

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