Things you should know before buying these Testosterone boosters: TestoGen or TestoPrime or Nugenix Total T

From the age of 30, you will experience a drop in testosterone levels through its effects. Approximately one percent drop is observed yearly from this age due to lack of exercise, poor diet, and hormonal imbalance. The low levels can cause erectile dysfunction, depression, weight gain, infertility, and decreased sex drive. Well-maintained testosterone levels will keep the body healthy (psychologically and physically), improve muscle recovery, and promote muscle generation.

testogen v testo prime v nugenix total t

Among the numerous products available in the market for promoting testosterone levels in the body, studies show that the natural products are healthier, and most of them do not produce any nasty adverse effects, unlike hormones needles. 

Hence, we are here to compare TestoGen, TestoPrime, and Nugenix -three top-rated testosterone boosting natural products that have already proven their potency. You will find out which is the best supplement among these three and which one you should consider buying.

What is TestoGen? 

TestoGen is one of the top-selling testosterone-boosting natural dietary pills and drops from MuscleClub Limited. The product improves your muscle size, strength as well as stamina. It is clear from the surveys that the most significant proportion of this product’s users are bodybuilders and fitness folks. The improved levels of testosterone with the product reverse the dropping libido and athletic performance. It makes you more powerful and elevates your energy levels to make your daily activities flawless.

Testogen testosterone Booster Review

The ingredients of the product are proven to improve testosterone production. The unique combination of powerful ingredients enhances your body and makes you stronger. The selected ingredients used in different traditional medicines for psychological stimulation, muscular strengthening, and testosterone production are used in this T-Boosting Dietary Pill for faster and easier results. It contains only premium natural ingredients that ensure its quality.

How does it work?

Its action is simple. It helps to produce more natural testosterone in the body. It does not contain the hormone as an ingredient, but the elements in the product induce its enhanced production. Using the hormone directly into the body will produce various side effects. Instead, the specific blend of ingredients improves testosterone release and production by your own body.

Each ingredient has a specific action on the body. Some ingredients stimulate testosterone production while others act on mental and muscular health. The primary actions of T production and fat burning are responsible for the large proportion of energy production. The energy produced by dissolving the fat storages is used for muscular improvements and brain stimulation. The collective effects of all the ingredients produce the final result stimulating the T effects and as a result testosterone levels rise.


Testogen Benefits

Apart from the boost in the specific hormone level, it helps you in many ways. The product can help you reverse all the effects on your body due to low testosterone levels. Every consumer has confessed the improvements in fatigue, more regular sleeping patterns, thereby treating insomnia that they had before starting its use. With improved sleep, you will be more energetic to workout and work all through the day. Adequate sleep and rest you will get after the use of this formula will improve your physical and mental health.

Muscle building: With improved energy levels, it will be easier for you to build muscles and complete your workout sessions than how you used to.

Fat burning: The fats that build up around your waist will be easier to remove. The active action of the ingredients on your body will ensure continuous fat burning for a more extended period.

Depression: The irritability and low energy levels that usually lead to depression, you will now be able to overcome with improved sleep and energy levels.

Libido: With improved levels of the male hormone in your body, your sex life, performance and urge will be back as wild as a teen.


The product is available in the form of capsules for easy use. You need to take just four capsules every morning to boost your testosterone quickly.

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What is Testo Prime? 

Even if the extra time you spend at the gym seems not to work as you expect or if you feel tiredness clouding over you easily, it might be due to your low testosterone levels. Even though the product is new to the market, Testo Prime has put its signature among the top testosterone booster supplements within this limited period. It can help you with all your testosterone problems with its powerful formula.

Testo Prime testosterone Booster Review

The specialty of the product is its ingredients responsible for this remarkable effect. They are not specifically from any area or country but selectively chosen from around the world. Many of the ingredients used in this formula were used in traditional medicines that promote testosterone production and/or its maintenance.

How does it work?

There is some problem that arises from the mid-30s and can get worse every year if not acted accordingly. The feeling of emotional overload, severe levels of fatigue, and not being able to maintain the physique with the same amount of exercise are common with the testosterone drop from this age onwards.

The product has twelve natural ingredients that are powerful and clinically supported. The selected ingredients from around the world will act on promoting your T levels by stimulating the tissues responsible for its production. The ingredients will also improve the fat ripping rate and stimulate your brain to make your day more energetic all day long.


There are numerous benefits of regular use of this t-booster. With the consistent effect on every use, the product is apt for long-term use to maintain your health.

testo prime benefits

Stress reduction: Cortisol responsible for your stress is effectively controlled with the ingredients. It can reduce your stress by 71.6 percent.

Endurance: 92.2 percent improvement in endurance is achieved with its actions to improve the oxygen levels in your blood. With better oxygen saturation, your body will have more air for its continuous functioning.

Fat burning: The added benefits of up to 16 percent extra fat burning are possible with this herbal mix of ingredients. With a constant flow of testosterone, your fat-burning becomes easier than ever before.

Energy production: The effective fat burning by the product’s active ingredients can improve your energy production and conversion from fat by 12 percent. Your weight loss efforts will become much effortless.

Muscle strength: Your muscle strength is boosted with improved blood flow to the muscles. Studies have proven that it can increase your muscle strength by up to 138 percent.


Like Testogen, this product is also packed as capsules. Using 4 of these precisely measured capsules every morning will help you stimulate testosterone production.

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What is Nugenix Total T? 

A potential product to enhance your male performance and strength, that is the best way to describe the product Nugenix Total T. The safe boost of free testosterone is achieved by its elite vitality formula. The supplement is a mixture of selected natural ingredients for delivering continuous action for an extended period. With fantastic feedback and recommendations from its users, the product has become one of the top best products in this category.

Nugenix Total T testosterone Booster Review

It is one of the top-notch products from Adaptive Health LLC. The surveys among its consumers show a high satisfaction rate and recommendation rate. It implies those who have tried this product are satisfied with the effects and also recommend it to others. The company doesn’t spend much on advertisements to promote the product. But its customer satisfaction made it one of the top products you should consider when you plan to buy a testosterone booster.

How does it work?

Nugenix Total T is a unique product that helps to improve your low T levels by promoting its synthesis. The goal is achieved through its natural ingredients with the active potential to enhance hormone production.

Testosterone boost: The ingredients in the product improve the production of testosterone and promote its maintenance in its free form. The active free form acts on different parts of the body to produce changes.

Muscle growth: The actions of the hormone in its free form improves muscle growth. The development is more concentrated on the skeletal (smooth) muscles. They contain the least amount of fat, support the T hormone actions, utilizes the oxygen levels to improve muscular performance and sex drive.


Though it seems unrealistic at first, the product users have confirmed its benefits to be true like the company claims.

Increases vitality: It is one of the most expected benefits of a testosterone booster. Besides the improvements in muscular tissues of the body, it improves your energy levels and libido.

Peaks performance: One of the main proven benefits of the product other than the T boost is its noticeable performance enhancement. It can improve your total as well as free testosterone levels in the body to bring about the change. You will have a better time at the gym and bedroom.

Boosts confidence: The improvements in the levels of energy and brain stimulation boost your confidence. With improved masculinity and energy levels, you will feel more confident every day.

T levels: It is the direct benefit of the product. The right tissues are stimulated to improve the production of the hormone. It not only promotes its production but also helps to maintain its availability for use.


The ingredients are mixed and produce a fine powder of specific quality. They are packed as capsules for easy consumption. A daily dosage of 3 capsules is recommended for best results.


The ingredients in these three supplements make them different than the other products in the market. The components play a vital role in the mode of action as well as its pace. With more potent and specific ingredients, all three ingredients produce equally strong results. But understanding the elements will help to determine which T-booster is better than the others

The ingredients in a product of this category should improve testosterone levels, promote muscle production, and overall mental and physical health. Here we discuss the standard elements and unique ingredients for all three components to find out which one is more potent to produce the desired results.

Common Ingredients in all Three

Three ingredients are shared among all the three products, Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Fenugreek.

  • Vitamin B6: It is an energy booster. Studies have shown that the ingredient can improve energy levels and help to control fatigue and headaches. It also promotes the availability of testosterone. The maintenance of the hormone in the right amount and form is essential to produce the changes effectively. The vitamin also improves the oxygen affinity of red blood cells and improves their transport. The availability of oxygen aids in muscle growth and fat burning.
  • Zinc: The vital mineral has a potential role in a T booster. This element contributes to the maintenance of testosterone in the active form. Limiting the conversion of free testosterone to estradiol is its responsibility in all three supplements. The element also interacts with other enzymes in our body to improve digestion and nerve function. Workout sessions turn more under control with its added benefit of stimulated nerve functioning.
  • Fenugreek: ‘Maple syrup’ aromatic element in these products is a traditional recipe for your sexual life. There are proofs of its usage from over 6000 years that it was used to improve libido, sex organ functioning, energy, stamina, and metabolism rate. The sexual effects of testosterone are boosted with the ingredient. Though not specific, its actions on improving fat metabolism also play a role in final fat loss.

Common ingredients in TestoGen and TestoPrime 

There are three components shared among these two products, and these ingredients make them more potent than the third.

  • D-Aspartic acid: A key ingredient in both products. The potency of the ingredient is the reason why they both contain the same component in large quantities. Its actions on the brain are responsible for the improved production of testosterone. Production of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) is improved with its action that triggers the chain reaction for testosterone production. The T hormone’s healthy levels can help you build firmer muscles, better weight loss, and more significant gains. The element is a natural amino acid with the potential to make the product a real ‘testosterone booster.’
  • Vitamin D: This element helps to improve your bone, immunity, and metabolism. The activated form of the ingredient is absorbed fast and produces faster results in strengthening the bones. The strengthened bones indirectly stimulate the skeletal muscle development in the region and help you gain muscles more quickly. Its effects on high metabolic rates also help to decrease the total fat storage in your body.
  • Ginseng: It is an antioxidant that helps to boost your energy levels. It is an element from Chinese medicine for improving fatigue and sex drive. Its action in your body can produce a similar effect as testosterone, promoting sexual desires and athletic stamina.

Unique ingredients in TestoGen 

TestoDrops Ingredients
  • Magnesium: Numerous studies are supporting the effects of Mg in testosterone production. Some studies have shown an increase of up to 26 percent in mere four weeks. Improvements in the quality of sleep are also an added benefit of the element.
  • Nettle leaf: The extracts of the leaves bind with SHGB and release free testosterone to your bloodstream. The free testosterone helps to improve your muscle building and libido. It is an ingredient that boosts T production directly.
  • Vitamin K1: Like Vitamin D, it promotes bone health. But its benefits on testosterone boost make it an unavoidable element in the mix. Its actions include improving Vitamin D absorption and testosterone production.
  • BioPerine: The patented content in the mix is a derivative of black pepper. It is added for boosting the absorption of active ingredients from the supplement for faster results.

Unique Ingredients in TestoPrime 

Testo prime Ingredients
  • Ashwagandha: The potent ingredient can support the available testosterone for stimulated action. The ingredient does not increase its production but increases sensitivity for better results. It also improves energy balance, weight loss, and digestion.
  • Green Tea Extract: Though it is commonly known for its antioxidant and detoxifying properties, its action on interference in testosterone conversion to DHT is remarkable. It helps to maintain the availability of testosterone for consistent results.
  • Pomegranate Extract: The fruit is famous for its potential in improving the blood. It improves the quality of blood cells and helps in the faster transportation of components. Its quality improvement is advantageous for stamina and sex drive.
  • Vitamin B5: Its primary function in the mixture is to improve fat conversion. The stored fat is converted to energy through metabolism, and the produced energy is diverted for stimulating muscles and the brain for improved activity.
  • Garlic Extract: It has two equally important functions- testosterone production and increasing metabolism rate. The magnitude of the action may not be as substantial as other ingredients mentioned above, but its contribution to the supplement is remarkable.
  • Pepper Extract: The ingredient’s primary action is to amplify the absorption of all other ingredients. The component acts in your stomach to improve absorption. It does not have much role once all the ingredients are absorbed. Like the patented content in TestoGen, it also performs a similar function.

Unique Ingredients in Nugenix Total T.  

Nugenix Supplement Facts
  • Vitamin B12: It is a common ingredient in all food supplements. Its function is to improve general wellness; it helps maintain mental health, immunity, and skin quality. Studies are suggesting its action on inhibiting estrogen, but no direct action on testosterone is proved yet.
  • L-Citrulline Malate: The element helps to improve the blood flow and aids in the transportation of fat for energy production. It boosts the production of nitric oxide in your body. Your blood vessels work better, and blood flow becomes seamless with the nitric oxide, thereby promoting the overall circulatory system of your body. The improved supply of elements can thus promote your testosterone levels.
  • elevATP Blend: It is uncommon to see blend ingredients in testosterone booster for the reason that they are not usually strong elements to promote hormonal production or actions. The ancient peat extract and apple fruit extract are blended in the mix. Both are mild testosterone boosters with little effect.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia: It is a supporting ingredient. It helps you for easy distribution of produced energy and has positive effects on the androgenic hormone. It is an active ingredient useful for men in improving sex drive, athletic performance, fertility, and bodybuilding.
  • Boron: Ingestion of 10mg or more daily for the long term has a good impact on testosterone boosting. Among all the specific ingredients of this product, this is the most potent element to boost testosterone.

Side effects

All three products contain only natural ingredients. There are extracted and natural forms used in the products, but no synthetic components are included. These product does not contain added colors or fillers. Therefore, they do not cause any side effects

These items are safe to use for every adult. These products are wholly natural and vegan-friendly. If you have any severe illness and is under medication for the same, you are advised to consult your doctor before starting any of these supplements mentioned above.

Why is TestoGen Better than Nugenix Total T or Testo Prime? 

There is a number of facts that support TestoGen to be the top among these three products. Here is the list of few features that make it better than the others.

TestoGen Discount Offers
  1. Money-back guarantee: The product comes with a 100 days money-back guarantee. The customers’ testimonies say that you will get visible results in just four weeks. A money-back guarantee for this long period is enough to check if the product is working for you. If it seems like not meeting your expectations, you can send it back and get your full money back. The process is hustle-free.

  2. Combo packs: All other products in the category are either in the form of pills or drops. The combo packs of TestoGen come in pills and TestoDrops, making it more user-friendly. Both the packages boost testosterone effectively and instantly. And can either be used in combination or separately.

  3. Free E-book: The testosterone boosting E-book explaining the boosting techniques in detail comes free with the product. You can learn more about T boosting natural strategies in detail for free.

TestoPrime, on the contrary, is a newer product that still needs some clarity regarding its potential. But the reviews about the product are hitting the market and its biggest advertisements in Daily Mail. When a new product hits the market this hard, it definitely has some potential. The specific ingredients compressed in the cutting-edge formula make it a viable option

Furthermore, the Testo Prime comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee. If the company gives you unlimited time to check if it is working for you and ready to refund your money if you do not feel satisfied with the results, it definitely deserves a chance and to be the second-best.


All three products are top-selling products in the market, as that is why they have made it to the list. They all promote the production and boosting of testosterone. Every ingredient in every testosterone supplement is hundred percent natural, and the majority does not contain any fillers to increase their bulk. The natural ingredients stimulate the tissues for promoting T production. 

The produced hormone is distributed to different parts for generating good results. While the ingredients promote its production, the products also support the availability and usage of the hormone. There are ingredients in the mix that ensures its bioavailability. Some products do it by interfering with the conversion of its active form to other chemical structures, and another product suppresses estrogen. 

But in the case of Testogen, Testo Prime, and Nugenix, along with the T production, the products also have components to promote fat burning. The energy produced from the process is then diverted to muscles and the brain for muscular and cerebral stimulation. As a result, it makes you feel healthier and more energetic all day. 

All three products maintain their quality of ingredients. They are produced at FDA-approved facilities that evaluate the grade from components to the final product. They do not require prescriptions to place your order. The easy-to-use capsule form of all products makes them user-friendly. 

In fact, the TestoGen is also available as drops for instant boost is another gem in the crown. Though few potential ingredients are shared among the products, the specific elements help to decide which one is more potent. The components of TestoGen are promising and specific to testosterone production and release. With the new formula, TestoPrime hit the market as a fair competition to others. And, even though Nugenix Total T is a top-selling product, few components in the product are non-specific to the requirement, and some have questionable potency for bringing up the change.

Testogen Money Back Guarantee

On comparing all the available data, TestoGen, available in two forms, with 100 days money-back guarantee, is definitely should be your first choice to consider. The impressive lifetime money-back guarantee is definitely an attractive feature to try TestoPrime along with its new formula mixture, making it second on the list. And though it’s the third recommendation, Nugenix is definitely a potent product you can try. 

Since you know your body the best, you can make better decisions. And if Testogen is the One you Want to Hit, then Click Here to stop at Testogen Official to grab it a Discounted Prices.

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